Title IX

Equity, Compliance, and Risk Management

Utilizing legal and ethical standards to promote a culture of inclusivity, responsibility, and respect throughout the University community.

The Office of Equity, Compliance, and Risk Management is responsible for the overall climate of well-being amongst the University, its employees, students, and visitors.  The office engages the campus community in inclusive practices that increase understanding of and respect for others while acting in accordance with various federal and state laws. 

Photograph of Holly Gleason

Title IX Coordinator
Holly L. Gleason
Director of Equity, Compliance, and Risk Management
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moore-website.jpgDeputy Title IX Coordinator
Kathy Moore
Human Resources Manager



guerard-website.jpgDeputy Title IX Coordinator
Kerry Guerard
Assistant Dean of Students



Alec Chisholm headshotDeputy Title IX Coordinator
Alec Chisholm
Director of Lacrosse; Head Coach - Men's Lacrosse


Disclaimer:The content of this webpage is designed to provide general guidance, which does not create, modify, or rescind any provision of the University’s Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy. Any questions may be clarified by reading the Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy or by contacting the Director of Equity, Compliance, and Risk Management, who has been designated as the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

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