Human Relations and Risk Management

Title IX Administrative Procedures

Resolving Reports of Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct

Once a report of gender-based and sexual misconduct is made, appropriate interim measures may be put in place.  Reports may be resolved through a voluntary resolution or through the formal investigation process.    University employees with special training will conduct the investigation.  The investigation will only involve individuals who are necessary for the process. Upon completion of the investigation, you will have an opportunity to review and comment on the Preliminary Investigation Report.

The investigators will write a Final Investigation Report, which will be sent to the parties and the Title IX Coordinator, who will assemble a Hearing Board made up of University employees.  The Hearing Board will hold a hearing to determine whether a respondent is responsible for violating the Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Sanctions and Remedies

Any person found responsible for violating the Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy will be sanctioned. In determining an appropriate sanction, the Hearing Board will consider a number of factors, including the severity of the misconduct and any previous campus conduct code violations.  

*A single instance of egregious gender-based or sexual misconduct could result in suspension or expulsion. 


Any appeal based on new evidence that was not discoverable at the time of the hearing or a substantial error in procedure that substantially affected the outcome of the hearing may be reviewed by the Provost or the Vice President for Finance and Operations. Disagreement with the result is not grounds for an appeal.

Disclaimer: The content of this webpage is designed to provide general guidance, which does not create, modify, or rescind any provision of the University’s Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy.  Any questions may be clarified by reading the Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy or by contacting the Director of Equity, Compliance, and Risk Management, who has been designated as the University’s Title IX Coordinator.  

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