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Christina (Tyree) Branham '21

Theatre Major

Christina (Tyree) Branham ’21 is the Lighting Technician for the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Columbus. She is the primary lighting employee for the theatre and her responsibilities include; educating apprentices in the field of lighting, overseeing other designers and technicians that rent the venue for their shows and productions, designing for the Lincoln Theatre performances that do not bring in their own designer, creating the plots and paperwork accompanying those productions, and the general set up of the lighting instruments within the space. She is extremely excited to be a part of the CAPA community in Columbus, and to be a part of presenting the talent that comes into the venue.

Augusta Kinzel '22

Theatre Major

Augusta Kinzel ’22 is the Costume Coordinator and works backstage with Wardrobe at CATCO Columbus. She is in charge of the costume shop and assists the costume designer with whatever they need. She takes measurements, attends fittings, helps with the alterations, and shopping for the shop. On wardrobe crew, Augusta does laundry each show and works with quick changes and whatever else is needed backstage. From Augusta: “I love this job and it's been like a dream to work here. Everyone is super nice and amazing. I also feel like my sewing and alteration skills have improved and grown.”

Skyler Lawler '20

Theatre Major

Skyler is a 2020 Graduate of the Theatre program. After a six-month hiatus following graduation, due to COVID Restrictions, they started working for Kings Island Amusement Park’s Live Entertainment Team, joining the Costume Department. Throughout their time there, they have also been a Props Master (Off The Rails, Summer 2022), International Street Feature Creature Actor (Halloween Haunt 2022), and worked on continuing their passion for costume building and wardrobe through countless projects, whether it be making Stilt Walker Costumes or dressing actors for the many shows Kings Island offers.

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