PLUS Program

PLUS Program

For 40 years, the PLUS Program at Muskingum University has provided comprehensive academic support services for students with learning differences, with the goal of fostering the development of skills needs for success in college.

The PLUS Program is a fee-for-service program because of the extensive one-on-one support students receive, and it offers 4 levels of services to meet each student's unique learning needs. Each student meets individually during regularly scheduled times with assigned Professional Learning Consultants who customize learning strategies within content tutoring and empower students to develop skills for success as they pursue their college degree.


The PLUS Program philosophy is designed to empower rather than rescue students. Based on their past educational experiences, students may view this as a considerable change. This change often requires a shift in mindset for the student that encompasses looking at what is working, discovering possibilities, and using strengths and interests to enhance performance. 

Student direction and control of the learning process are crucial components of the college experience and contribute to success in college and beyond. The PLUS Learning Coordinators and/or Consultants will empower students to develop skills, both academic and social, leading to self-direction, confidence, and independence.


  • 40 years of providing support to students
  • #15 ranking by the for "Best Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities"
  • Professional Full Time Coordinators with Master's Degrees
  • Professional Learning Consultants with Bachelor's Degrees
  • 90 students (first year through senior)
  • 6% of Muskingum University students
  • levels of support services
  • inclusive, caring, campus community


Phone: 740-826-8280
Address:  Walter Hall, Muskingum University,
                260 Stadium Drive, New Concord, Ohio 43762-1837.


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