PLUS Program

PLUS Program

*COVID-19 Update: We understand many of you have concerns and questions due to the announced closure. Let me reiterate that there are NO known cases of coronavirus on the Muskingum campus and this is a precautionary action. Steps are being taken to continue PLUS supports during the campus closure.

PLUS SERVICES-Students will be meeting at their scheduled times using the Teams function in Microsoft 365. Students will need to have access to a microphone (most newer computers have a microphone built-in) and access to the internet to access courses and supports or will need to arrange to call their Learning Consultants by phone. Learning Consultants are set up with access to the Blackboard courses and will be able to access and guide the students in completing their coursework. Students’ use of Blackboard during this period is NOT an option. Attendance will also continue to be maintained for PLUS services.

Please contact your Primary Learning Consultant if you have any additional questions on PLUS Services or classroom expectations.

DEO SERVICES- For testing accommodations and other services, please refer to the DEO page.

Since 1983, the PLUS Program has provided comprehensive academic support services for students with learning differences. Any student with a learning difference is eligible to apply to the PLUS Program.

PLUS Program Philosophy

The PLUS Program philosophy is designed to empower rather than rescue students. Based on their past educational experiences, students may view this as a considerable change. This change often requires a shift in mindset for the student that encompasses looking at what is working, discovering possibilities, and using strengths and interests to enhance performance. 

Student direction and control of the learning process are crucial components of the college experience and contribute to success in college and beyond. The PLUS Learning Consultants will empower students to develop skills, both academic and social, leading to self-direction, confidence and independence.

Additional information may be obtained from the PLUS Program by phone at 740-826-8280, by e-mail at, or by mail at Walter Hall, Muskingum University, 10 College Drive, New Concord, Ohio 43762-1837.

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