PLUS Program

PLUS Program Admission Process

Qualified neurodiverse students, who have been accepted by Muskingum University, are eligible for PLUS services.

The PLUS Program reflects the University's commitment to the ultimate success of its students. Any qualified student with a learning difference is eligible for support; the program administrators carefully manage the selection of students for admission to the PLUS Program. PLUS Program students are assessed a program fee that is based on the level of services requested. There is a great demand for the services provided by Muskingum's PLUS Program.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete Muskingum University Admissions Application
  2. Check PLUS box on the Admissions Application
  3. Submit Standard Admissions Materials (See admissions website for more information)

Upon Acceptance to Muskingum University

Submit a recent comprehensive evaluation for review which includes:

  • A diagnostic summary
  • Aptitude Testing (including subscales with standard scores)
  • Achievement Testing (including subscales with standard scores)

Schedule a personal interview with a member of the PLUS staff through the Admissions Office.

For Muskingum University and PLUS Program admission materials, or for more information, please contact the PLUS Center Office by phone at 740-826-8280, by email at or by mail at Walter Hall, Muskingum University, 10 College Drive, New Concord, Ohio 43762-1837.


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