Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Muskingum University prides itself on developing an environment on campus that both challenges and supports students to strive for personal success.

The philosophy of the Student Affairs division at Muskingum University is to provide services and programs that support and enhance the academic mission of the institution. Student growth occurs in the academic program as well as through educationally purposeful experiences outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore and engage in those activities and/or experiences that prepare them for productive careers and responsible citizenship.

The total undergraduate college experience includes growth that occurs outside of the classroom, in the residence halls, club, and program houses, on the athletic fields, on the stage, and in the studio. The myriad of organizations, activities, and events that constantly shape and reshape students’ lives is critically important in a student’s development.

Within the broad context of the student experience, Muskingum University sees the graduate population as part of the larger University community and encourages graduate students to take advantage of all the services and activities available to them.

Quad Center

The Quad Center on the Quadrangle is the hub of campus social activities, a place where students, faculty members, and visitors are equally welcome. The Center provides many of the services, conveniences, and activities required by members of the college community. Included in the Student Center’s facilities are a bookstore, snack bar, mail room, lounge and Student Life Offices which operate primarily during the standard business day, however, some program offices provide extended services and students are advised to check individual programs for current operating hours. Additionally, the lounge space in the Top of the Center (TOC) and the gathering area at the Bottom of the Center (BOC) remain open until 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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