Student Affairs

Student Handbook

All students, as well as members of the faculty and administrative staff, should become familiar with the contents of this Handbook.

The Student Handbook includes all the Muskingum University regulations regarding the rights and responsibilities students have at Muskingum University. These policies and expectations have been developed to facilitate student growth and learning.

The regulations presented outline both student rights and student responsibilities. The Handbook is not a static document. We make changes in the Handbook each year to strengthen our procedures and students should be aware of changes that affect their participation on campus. The Handbook also outlines the procedures students can follow if they believe they have been treated inappropriately or unfairly. We urge students to seek out an advisor if they believe they have been treated in ways that violate the principles that are outlined.

Students are responsible for knowing the policies and standards of conduct. Admission at Muskingum is considered acceptance of the standards specified herein. However, the provisions of this handbook do not constitute a contract between the student and Muskingum University. Muskingum University reserves the right to modify this document when needed.

Student Code of Conduct

General University Policies

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