Student Affairs

Student Conduct

At Muskingum Univesity, all students are expected to know and follow the expectations outlined in the Student Handbook.

The Handbook outlines various policies and expections for students as well as the procedures if there is a violation of the Student Handbook.

If you have questions about the conduct system, the Code of Student Conduct, or the Behavior Education process on campus, please contact the Student Life Office. The staff members are happy to discuss your questions.

The conduct system is created to be educational in nature. The Conduct Process Flowchart can help you best understand what the process will look like. If you would like to have an advisor assist you while going through the conduct process, please review the Advisor/Support Person Guidelines.

Muskingum University Conduct Reporting Form

Contact: Greg Elkins
Director of Community Standards
Office: (740) 826-8087

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