Student Affairs

Behavioral Assessment & Intervention Team (BAIT)

Muskingum University strives to maintain an environment of care and concern for all in our community, as well as one that is safe from threats to the community or its individual members.

BAIT (Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Team) is one resource available to you to help intervene when a community member’s behavior becomes concerning to you.  If you observe an unexpected change of behavior, or have another concern about someone’s well-being, please complete this form to alert BAIT. The BAIT report form is also available on Muskie Link. Reports concerning students are reviewed by BAIT, and other reports are referred to the appropriate staff for review.  

Behaviors you might observe and want to report include: 

  • Outbursts or disruptions in classrooms, meetings, or other spaces 

  • Sudden loss of interest or engagement 

  • Sudden decrease in attendance or performance 

  • Personal crisis disclosed to you directly or indirectly (illness or death of a family member, relationship issues, etc.) 

  • Change in hygiene or other personal care behavior. 

BAIT includes representation from Accessibility Services and PLUS, Counseling Services, Student Academic Services, Student Life, Cultural Engagement and Inclusion, and Athletics. Other staff may be invited to meet with the Team on an ad hoc basis. Upon receiving a report, the Team reviews what is known about the student of concern and who is the best person to engage with the student, either to help resolve the issue at hand or connect the student to other resources. 

If you become concerned about behavior or language that you believe represents an immediate threat to the health and safety of an individual or others in our community, please do the following: 

Call University Police at x8155 or 740-826-8155. The University Police Officer will act as an intervention agent and a switchboard to help contact appropriate staff members for an intervention. 

Members of this team include the Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life, Director of Counseling, and representatives from Academic Affairs. Other staff may be included depending on the nature of the potential issue or threat. 

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