About Muskingum University

Making an Impact
Since 1837

Muskingum educates the whole person for the whole world. You will develop to your fullest potential – intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.

Muskingum alumni engage with and serve the world around them in almost any field you can name – as CEOs, scientists, educators, major media figures, health care professionals, civic and religious leaders – and as parents, friends and community citizens.


Our Alumni

The Long Magenta Line

The Muskingum University tradition of excellence dates back more than 175 years.

Muskingum History

Muskingum University’s proud heritage began in 1837, when Ohio was an infant state and covered wagons were bringing adventurous settlers westward over the newly completed National Road through New Concord. The University’s Native American name, sometimes mispronounced and often misspelled, is a source of pride and an enduring link to the history of frontier America “beyond the Alleghenies.”


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