Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation

Muskingum Recreation Informational Video

Recreation Vision/Mission/Values:

Muskingum University Campus Recreation Vision Statement:
Campus Recreation will be a leader on campus in focusing on and developing the all-around wellness of all Muskingum students, faculty, and staff; by providing quality programs, services, and facilities guided by the eight vectors of wellness (intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, physical, occupational, fiscal, and environmental) to help educate the whole person for the whole world.

Muskingum University Campus Recreation Mission & Purpose:
The mission and purpose of Campus Recreation at Muskingum shall be to provide safe and inclusive opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to actively engage in healthy recreational activities that help them maintain and/or advance their ability to live balanced lives utilizing the eight vectors of wellness, and providing fun outlets to the everyday stress that comes from living on and working for a university.

Muskingum University Campus Recreation Values:

Safety and risk management within every area to ensure quality programs, services, and facilities.
Programs that are fun, educational, and collaborative to help shape the whole person for the whole world.
Leadership experiences through collaborations and empowerment.
All-around openness to everyone for great inclusivity and respect for all.
Student-focused and driven with student input and transparency within the decision-making process.
Health and wellness of our entire campus community.

Rec Logo & MuskieFit Logo

MuskieFit/IMleagues Information

What is MuskieFit

MuskieFit is our recreation app on campus.  It allows you to see everything that is happening within campus recreation.  It will keep your schedules for you with recreation events and even google map you to the location of your event if you are unsure of where to go.  It is free to download and is an amazing way to stay connected with everything campus recreation!

Muskiefit App Main Page


MuskieFit can be used to create rosters for Intramural events, sign-up as a free agent for events, join pre-existing teams, see your schedule, and keep track of your participation and trophies!   Click on the following to view the MuskieFit/IMLeagues Intramural Page.  Intramurals are completely free to participate in!

Muskiefit Intramurals Page

Wellness Classes

We offer free to join Wellness Classes such as yoga or PiYo on campus.  Students can use the MuskieFit app to sign-up for the classes ahead of time ensuring that they get a spot in that class.  Click on the following to view the MuskieFit/IMLeagues Wellness Activities Page.

Muskiefit Wellness Activity's Page

Outdoor Initiatives

MuskieFit can show you what is happening in Outdoor Initiatives and what that organization is all about.  It is a great way to stay connected with this group and see what they have going on! 

Muskiefit Outdoor Initiatives Page

Upcoming Events



Other Uses

MuskieFit can also tell you

  • The hours of operation for the Chess Center
  • Chess Center Rules
  • Recreation Important Announcements
  • Application to various campus recreation jobs
  • Link to the Wellness Center
  • Link to Counseling Services
  • Upcoming Varsity Athletic Events
  • Link to Muskingum Athletic Apparel Shop
  • Links to all of campus recreation's social media accounts
  • Ability to give feedback about our staff and/or facilities.

Muskiefit App 2nd Page


Chess Center

Chess Center

This facility is open to all faculty, staff, and students at Muskingum University for free.  It is home to a fitness floor with cardio, selectorized, and free weight-based equipment.  It also has a large programming space next to a late-night dining option known as the Winn Cafe.  Lastly, it houses a study center with tutors in addition to other meetings and study spaces on the top level.  For more specific details and to see pictures or watch our video tour please visit our Chess Center Page.

Disc Golf Course

Located on the East Residential Hill on campus.  The first hole is located at the Chess Center Sand Volleyball Court.  At the first hole, there is a hole map that opens up.  Inside you can find a scorecard for the course as well as a course map.  Our course can also be found on the Udisc app (which is free to download and use).  For more details, to see the course map, pictures of each hole, or to watch our video tour please visit our Disc Golf Course Page.


Intramural Activities:




Our Intramural program offers a variety of activities to stay active, be social, meet new people, and to relieve stress.  We also offer learner leagues for those who are unsure of how to play one of our activities.  We are open to faculty and staff as well as their partners and children who are at least 15 years or older, as well as graduate students and undergraduate students, and alumni of Muskingum University.  For more details of what is happening in Intramurals please visit our Intramurals Page and download our app Muskiefit.

Club Sports:


White Water Rafting Trip

Outdoor Initiatives

Is one of Muskingum's many clubs and organizations.  We host events such as white water rafting, ziplining, camping, and more!  If you are seeking adventure during your academic year or for more details about our Outdoor Initiatives Program please visit our Outdoor Initiatives Page.


Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee has historically been a co-ed team that competes against some other universities.  Currently, it is working to reestablish a roster on campus.  For more details about our ultimate frisbee program please visit our Club Sports Page.


Spike ball

Spike ball is currently seeking interested members to join and is planning to start the process of becoming a recognized organization on campus as well as a club sport.  For more details about our spike ball program please visit our Club Sports Page.

Wellness Tips:

Social Wellness Tips
  • Join a club or organization on campus.
  • Join Intramurals on a team or as a free agent.
  • Sit with someone new at lunch or dinner.
  • Create a new club or organization on campus.
  • Don't rely solely on virtual interactions.
  • Engage in healthy romantic relationships.
  • Embrace diversity rather than fear it.
  • Set a goal to thank x amount of people per week.
  • Set aside x amount of time to call or sit down and talk with a loved one or friend.
  • Learn to forgive others.
  • Attend athletic events and cheer on your fellow muskies.
Physical Wellness Tips
  • Join an Intramural team or as a free agent.
  • Use our Fitness Floor at the Chess Center.
  • Attend Wellness Activity Classes by downloading Campus Recreation's MuskieFit App.
  • Learn how to use the Chess Center Equipment.
  • Set a daily step goal.
  • Use moderation when eating.
  • Try a new healthy recipe.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Get regular sleep.
  • Go to the Wellness Center if you just feel off.
Emotional WellnessTips
  • Reach out to Counseling for help by downloading the Muskie WellBeing App.
  • Stay active as this helps regulates chemicals in your brain and keep you more balanced.
  • Take up journaling.
  • Make your own stress relief ball with a balloon and sand or flour.
  • Attend a yoga class or do some yoga in your room.
  • Craft
  • Create a motivational book for yourself.
  • Concentrate on the positives in your life.
  • Reach out to friends for help.
  • Escape in a book for a bit.
Spiritual Wellness Tips
  • Attend a yoga class or do yoga in your room while self-reflecting.
  • Meditate and let your mind wander.
  • Journal.
  • Do some community service.
  • Thank x amount of people per day.
  • If you believe in a religion then pray daily.
  • Use aromatherapy with oils to get yourself into a state of extreme relaxation.
  • Determine who you wish to be and work toward self-acceptance with that goal in mind.
  • Set personal goals and accomplish them.
  • Unplug!  Set aside an hour each day where you have no electronics going.
Financial Wellness Tips
  • Create a personal budget.
  • Use free apps to help manage your money.
  • Apply for a job on campus using Handshake.
  • Pick a day of the week as a no-spending day.
  • Critically think about wants vs. needs.
  • Educate yourself on credit card usage.
  • Attend free events on campus rather than events that cost money (campus recreation, intramurals, MPB)
  • Save a little bit of money from each paycheck if you have a job.
  • Visit feed the pig.
  • Don't get caught up in spending for displays of status.
Environmental Wellness Tips
  • Visit Dillon State Park or Salt Fork State Park.
  • Join Outdoor Initiatives and Recreation.
  • Go on an Outdoor Initiatives and Recreation Trip.
  • Walkthrough the Hollow on campus.
  • Check out a hammock, kayak, or camping gear from the Chess Center.
  • Do homework outside on nice days.
  • Volunteer in the community.
  • Help clean up the campus.
  • Recycle when possible.
  • Put down your phone for at least 1 hour a day and go outside.
Intellectual Wellness Tips
  • Play some strategy-based board games like Settlers or Risk (can be checked out for free at the Chess Center).
  • Do puzzles.
  • Play trivia.
  • Read a book, not for school.
  • Work on time management skills.
  • Build a priorities list.
  • Learn new organizational methods.
  • Challenge yourself to learn new skills or modifying how you do things like learning to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.
  • Try something new.
  • Learn from others' experiences particularly if they are different from your own.
Occupational Wellness Tips
  • Attend a Career Fair utilizing the Career Center.
  • Attend the majors fair.
  • Schedule an appointment to review your resume with the Career Center.
  • Explore hobbies and make time for them weekly.
  • Find an internship.
  • Apply for a job even if you don't get it (it's a great experience to practice the process).
  • Work on transferable skills however you possibly can.
  • Learn how to network.
  • Set work goals and develop them further with a supervisor.
  • Re-discover your passions.


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