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Welcome to Muskingum Intramurals! Where you can play different sports or other events like trivia, card games and more without the expectation of practicing and solely for the enjoyment of being around others and playing something you like or learning something new!

5v5 Basketball Wiffle Ball Indoor Volleyball
Roster Submission

To submit a roster, visit Muskingum's IMLeague's page or download our app MuskieFit! 

You can create a team, join a team already in existence, or sign-up as a free agent where teams can pick you up or our staff can work to assign you to a team.

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Intramural & Recreational Expectation Statement

While there are several rules/regulations attached to each individual sport and the Intramural & Recreational Sports Program (hereby referred to as Intramurals) as a whole, Intramurals strives to have two major overarching aspects to guide us in those rules/regulations.

1.    Intramurals is a place for all to enjoy any sport or recreation activity solely for the love of the sport and/or activity; regardless of your abilities, Intramurals welcomes all individuals.  

2.    While Intramurals expect and accept a certain level of competitiveness from our participants we ask that they all remember this is Intramurals.  Please leave your attitudes, egos, and poor sportsmanship off of our fields and courts and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow students, staff, and faculty members participating in Intramurals.

Intramural & Recreational Sports Mission/Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Muskingum University Intramural and Recreation Program is to provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to actively engage in healthy competition through sports and other recreational activities; while providing structure for an experiential education that fosters a safe and welcoming environment built upon peaceful play.

Indoor Volleyball Flag Football Turkey Bowl Tournament Turkey Bowl Runner-Ups

Fall Intramural Offerings

Family Feud

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Tournament

Foot Golf

*All Intramural Events are free for students, faculty, & staff to play or watch!

Spring Intramural Offerings


Teams will compete in multiple events to earn points.  The top teams will compete in a championship round to see who the ultimate champion is!

Events include:

Trivia, Virtual Reality Challenge, Tug-of-War, 7v7 Wiffle Ball, &  Escape Room (Championship Round)


*All Intramural Events are free for students, faculty, & staff to play or watch!

Download our app Muskiefit today for access to all of our offerings!Logo

All timelines for the sports being offered can be found on our IMLeagues page. All timelines are rough estimates and are subject to change based upon participant interest levels, group conduct, weather, varsity athletics, length of previous leagues/sport, and availability of student staff.

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