Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Employment Opportunities

Campus Recreation offers a wide variety of student employment.  Below are our positions with some brief descriptions of the role, as well as when we tend to hire for each of those positions.  The links will connect you to our applications for each position.

Intramural Head Official and Officials - Make the minimum wage for Ohio.  Students can apply via the application (just click on the position title link).  Head Referees are used for just about if not all of our offerings where as regular officials are used for one or two specific sports based on their background/experience.  They help us make sure daily events are running smooth and keep the games safe.

Recreation Supervisors - Make $9 an hour.  To apply use the position title link. These students are the upper leverl managers of recreation.  There are Intramural positions, Facility positions, Club Sport positions, Marketing positions, and Staff Development positions.

Facility Attendants - Makes the minimum wage for Ohio. To apply use the position title link.  These students operate our main desk.  They greet people into the building, ensure rules are being followed, everyone is safe, and are a general resource to anyone using our facility.

Lifeguard -  To apply use the position title link.  Students must be current with their certifications.  Used for a variety of events on campus and occasionally used as an intramural referee for water-based sports.  There may be potential for more regular hours overseeing our swimming pool during set times where it is open.

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