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PLUS Program Additional Services

Muskingum University and the PLUS Program provide numerous services to foster student success.


  • Learn to be a college student
  • Experience a HIST 105 course taught by a university professor
  • Adapt to using college technology
  • Prepare for college expectations

Designed for first-year students, LEAP, held by the PLUS Program supports students with learning differences in transitioning to Muskingum University. The LEAP Program begins two weeks before the fall semester and provides incoming Muskingum University students with the opportunity to experience a 3-credit college course. Participating in LEAP will fulfill a general education requirement while being able to connect with other new students, and learning skills to support the success of the whole student.

Participation in LEAP can benefit students by:

  • Developing connections and skills that carry over to the fall semester
  • Learning to navigate a class using a variety of technology resources
  • Receiving intensive self-advocacy and study skills instruction
  • Making social connections
  • Connecting with an upper-class peer mentor for advice
  • Developing an individual study plan
  • Beginning to build a partnership with a PLUS Learning Coordinator and/or Consultant
  • Moving into their dorm room early on Muskingum's campus

Technology requirements for LEAP are:

  • Computer or tablet with a built-in or connected web camera, microphone, and speakers
  • Internet connection with video conferencing capability
  • Knowledge of sending and receiving emails with attachments

The LEAP Program will be held two weeks before the Fall semester begins, in a virtual format which will allow students to become proficient in Microsoft Teams and Blackboard learning management system as well as connect with other LEAP participants and mentors virtually. Students will move on campus a few days early to settle into their rooms, become familiar with campus, and connect in person with other LEAP participants. Students should register through their MU status page by June 1 and pay a $100 (non-refundable) deposit at that time. The remainder of the $1000 fee ($900) will be added to the student's fall semester bill. Spots are limited, so deposits are processed as received to hold your spot.


Since summer courses are scheduled in an accelerated format of 4-, 5-, or 10-week sessions, Summer PLUS provides executive functioning support for students with learning differences who are enrolled in Muskingum University’s summer courses. To request Summer PLUS support, students should contact the PLUS Program.

Students benefit for participation in Summer PLUS by receiving:

  • Support for time management and organization
  • Accountability for completion of tasks and following course due dates
  • Assistance with navigating the variety of technology used by online courses
  • Support for establishing a healthy routine during an accelerated course term


Muskingum University Provides numerous services to foster student success.

Assistive Technology – The Disability Education Office provides training on assistive technology options provided by this office.

Disability Education Office – Provides federally mandated reasonable accommodations to qualified students with permanent and temporary disabilities to support participation in all aspects of college life in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Counseling Services – Supports students with overcoming personal, emotional, and psychological issues that may negatively impact their ability to reach their academic goals.

Study Center – Provides free peer tutoring to all students.

Writing Center – Assists students with grammar, punctuation, citing sources, and organization of a paper.

Student Health Center – Focuses on minimizing health-related issues.



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