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The PLUS Program at Muskingum University

The PLUS Program is unique in the level of services available to the qualified student who has learning differences. Unlike support programs at some other institutions, the PLUS Program does not use peer tutors as services are delivered by a professional staff of Learning Consultants. This program has been specifically designed by professionals who are experts in learning strategies for students with unique learning needs. Our full-time staff and flexible program helps empower our students to take charge of their education and use strategies to become successful in a variety of settings. The program does not provide remedial or developmental instruction.

Muskingum University's PLUS Program provides levels of academic support to qualified students admitted into the program: Premier; Select and Transitional Services. Students are encouraged to match their needs with the appropriate level of support during the course of their academic careers at Muskingum.

Premier and Select levels of PLUS Program services include:

  1. Maximum of 5(Premier) or 3(Select) hours per week of weekly individual consultations
  2. Personalized and course-specific embedded learning strategy instruction
  3.  PLUS Professional Learning Consultants
  4. Strengths-based approach
  5. Focus for Success system
  6. Academic oversight.

*For Premier Services, a learning plan and executive functioning support is included*

Transitional level of PLUS Program services include:

  1.  Maximum of 1.5 hours per week of weekly individual consultation
  2.  Individualized general strategy instruction
  3. PLUS professional mentors
  4.  Strengths-based approach
  5.  Academic oversight

For a more detailed comparison of services and fees for the levels of PLUS Program support, refer to the Fees and Services Table.

PLUS Program Levels

A Well-Established Comprehensive Academic Support Program for College Students with Learning Differences and ADHD. PLUS offers three levels of service provided through private consultations.

Levels of PLUS Program Service with Yearly Price Estimates for 2019-2020 Academic Year

($8,170 per year)

The PREMIER Level is designed for students who want comprehensive support with more frequent specialized course learning strategy instruction.

($4,900per year)

The SELECT level is designed for students who want comprehensive support with less frequent specialized course learning strategy instruction.

($2,700 per year)

The TRANSITIONAL level is designed for students who may not want specialized course strategy instruction, yet would benefit from mentor services.
Type of Instruction Personalized and course-specific embedded learning strategy instruction Personalized and course-specific embedded learning strategy instruction Individualized general strategy instruction
PLUS Professional Learning Consultants




Academic Oversight




Strengths-Based Approach




Focus For Success (Early Intervention With Benchmarking System)




Executive Functioning Coaching


Comprehensive Learning Plan


Customized Mentor Session    


Weekly Individual Consultations With Professional Staff

Maximum of 5 hours per week

Maximum of 3 hours per week Maximum of 1.5 hours per week

Focus For Success

The Focus For Success process tracks and monitors student progress throughout the semester. It focuses on early intervention where Learning Consultants partner with students to set goals. These goals are reviewed and the student's academic progress is discussed throughout the semester.

In addition to the Focus for Success system, students who receive premier services co-create and implement individually designed learning plans with their Learning Consultants for each tutored course. 

Learning Strategy Instruction

Providing instruction in strategies that are individualized to be personally achievable and meaningful to each student is a goal of the PLUS Program. Systematic and explicit instruction in learning strategies that are embedded in course content is a foundational model of the PLUS Program.

Staff assist students to develop a proven repertoire of strategies customized for effective learning, such as:

  • Analyze and understand each course syllabus
  • Design a short and long-term plan for class preparation for the semester
  • Organization
  • Study skills

Strategic Academic Guidance

During the weekly scheduled weekly meetings, the professional staff serves as a personal contact for the student. This staff is often the go-to-person when successes occur and challenges arise.

Some ways that the staff assists the student is with:

  • Transitioning to college
  • Becoming familiar with college-level expectations
  • Balancing learning with work and social activities
  • Fostering student self- advocacy and communication
  • Serving as a liaison to home, faculty, and others


For Additional Information about the PLUS Program

Additional information may be obtained from the PLUS Program by phone at 740-826-8280, by e-mail at , or by mail at Walter Hall, Muskingum University, 10 College Drive, New Concord, Ohio 43762-1837.

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