Human Resources

Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources Office!

Mission Statement

The Human Resources Office supports Muskingum's faculty and staff, enabling them to lead students toward academic excellence.  


Our Values

In fulfilling Muskingum's mission, faculty and staff are more than our most valuable resource; they are an integral part of the Muskie community - working, learning, and living together.  The Human Resources Office will treat employees and applicants for employment equitably and with dignity, delivering prompt and thorough service with integrity and humility.  


What We Do

We offer all employees the 3Cs:  comprehensive, consistent, and caring service.  Our core services include talent acquisition and retention, onboarding, benefits administration, accommodations, professional development, performance management, support for life events, and regulatory compliance.  In our service to others, we will use high-quality and current human resources practices.  




Please note that Muskingum University may create, modify, or rescind policies at its discretion and without prior notice.  Employees should review the University's policies, rules, and guidelines on a regular basis.  In addition, unless an employee possesses a written contract signed by the University President, all employees are employed at-will, meaning that the employee may separate from employment or the University may terminate employment at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice.    

Unless designated as an official University policy, the information provided on the Human Resources webpage is for general information only and does not create any new or additional rights for employees.



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