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Student Employment

As part of the robust experiential learning opportunities available at Muskingum, the University offers students a multitude of paid student employment opportunities in various campus departments through its Federal Work Study Program and the Muskies Work! Program.

Employment opportunities are available in many different offices across campus, such as the library, mailroom, academic departments, physical plant, recreation, athletics.  Students are limited to 20 hours of work per week; however, most students average 5-10 hours per week.  Student employees earn minimum wage, which is set following federal and Ohio minimum wage regulations.  


Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a government program that provides compensation to students with demonstrated financial need through part-time employment opportunities.  Students who are not eligible for the Federal Work Study Program may seek employment through the Muskies Work! Program.

Muskies Work! Program

Under the Muskies Work! Program, non-work study students may be hired when there are no work study-eligible students available or when a non-work study student has skills, abilities, or experience that the hiring department needs but the work study-eligible students do not have.  Limited opportunities for summer work are available and are part of the Muskies Work! Program.

Student Employment Process
  • Students may not perform any work on campus unless they have been issued a Certificate of Work Authorization by the Human Resources Office.
  • Before performing any work on campus, the student should contact or visit the Human Resources Office to complete all necessary paperwork to receive their Certificate of Work Authorization.  Please review the Student Employment Process for specific information.
  • After receiving a Certificate of Work Authorization, the student may create and use their Handshake account (available through the IMPACT Center), to identify available employment opportunities from a list of available positions. 
  • After starting a job on campus, students are responsible to submit their work hours each month via MuskieLink for supervisor approval.  
  • Student wages are paid directly to the student and are not credited toward tuition, fees, and other University charges.
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