Human Relations and Risk Management

Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct

Why Make a Report?

If you have experienced, witnessed, or know about sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking or retaliation, you are encouraged to make a report as soon as possible. When information is not shared, the University’s ability to provide help is inhibited, which may result in additional or more severe acts against you or other people.

For emergency situations, you should contact University Police at (740) 826-8155 immediately.

Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator is a non-biased administrator who oversees the University’s response to reports of gender-based and sexual misconduct. If you choose to talk with the Title IX Coordinator, you are entitled to bring somebody with you for support. The Title IX Coordinator will explain options to resolve your report, connect you to campus and community resources, and coordinate appropriate supportive measures.

Holly Gleason, 740-826-8116


Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Deputy Title IX Coordinators can provide the same information as the Title IX Coordinator. They will work with the Title IX Coordinator to provide certain resources.

Andrew Price, 740-826-6184


Online Reporting

Reports may be submitted ONLINE and may be submitted anonymously; however, submitting an anonymous report without sufficient detail may prevent the University from addressing the report. Online reports are reviewed daily, but are not monitored in real time. 

For emergency situations, you should contact University Police at (740) 826-8155 immediately.


Confidential Resources

Confidential Resources will not disclose details about your report or any identifying information, unless the report involves abuse of a minor or imminent treats of self-harm or harm to others.

Counseling Services


Medical Staff at the Student Health Center


Law Enforcement

University Police respond to both emergency and non-emergency situations. University Police will take steps to ensure that you are safe and will coordinate with a local detective in some instances. University Police will notify the Title IX Coordinator, who will contact you to discuss options.  


University Employees

All faculty, staff, and RAs are trained to help you if you report to them.  Please note that they will notify the Title IX Coordinator promptly to report names and any details you have shared.  The person you confide to is welcome to join you for your follow-up meeting with the Title IX Coordinator.


Disclaimer:The content of this webpage is designed to provide general guidance, which does not create, modify, or rescind any provision of the University’s policies. Any questions may be clarified by reading the Title IX Policy or by contacting the Assistant Vice President for Human Relations and Risk Management, who has been designated as the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

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