Adding & Dropping Courses

Students are free to make changes to their schedules anytime between registration and the end of the first week of classes with some exceptions.

Prior to the start of the semester and during the first week of classes:

Students can drop courses online using MuskieLink.

Students can add open courses online using MuskieLink assuming they have no holds on their accounts and assuming that the student meets all prerequisite requirements and no time conflicts would be caused by the addition(s).  If the student needs a requisite override, has a time conflict, or the class is full, the instructor will need to fill out an add form. 

At other times

Partial-semester courses (such as second-half PE courses) may have other add/drop periods defined. See the Academic Calendar for more details.

After the 1st week of the course/semester

After the 1st week of a course/semester a student can only withdraw from a course, he/she cannot drop it. The difference is that a grade of W appears on the transcript and there may be billing and other implications.

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