Academic Advising

Each student at Muskingum is assigned an Academic Advisor upon entry into the University. For most students their first Academic Advisor is their First-Year Seminar instructor. Students are free to change advisors whenever they would like, but typically they only change advisors when they choose or change majors. As part of the Major Declaration process, students choose or are assigned an advisor in their major discipline. Students with multiple majors or those seeking licensure may have multiple advisors at any given time.

The Academic Advisor is responsible for helping the student navigate through the academic requirements in pusuit of his/her individual academic goals. At least once each semester the student will meet with his/her advisor and discuss which courses the student should register for the next semester. This meeting typically includes a review of the student's degree audit, four-year plan, and course availability for the subsequent semester. During this process the student and advisor will complete and sign an Advising Worksheet, a copy of which is then submitted in the Registrar's Office in order to permit the student to enroll in courses via MuskieLink.

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