Course Withdrawals

There are times when students find that they need to withdraw from a course during a semester. If the need to withdraw is caused by Active Duty Military issues, students should consult the Student Military Service Policy. Otherwise the following policy covers the process for withdrawing from a course.

Students have until the 50th day of the semester to withdraw from courses.  When a student withdraws from a course that course remains on the transcript but the student receives a grade of W. W grades do not impact the student’s GPA, but there are other factors to consider. For example, if withdrawing from a course causes the student to drop below full-time hours for the term, he/she becomes ineligible to remain in campus housing, athletic and/or scholarship eligibility can be affected, and degree plans can be disrupted.  Students should always consult with an academic advisor prior to withdrawing from a course. To initiate a Course Withdrawal a student must use the Course Withdrawal Form.

The last day to withdraw from courses is listed in the Academic Calendar

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