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What is Muskingum's Federal School Code?

Our school code is 003084. You will need this code when filing the FAFSA to ensure that we receive your information.

Am I eligible for Financial Aid?

The foundation of Muskingum's financial aid program rests with its financial assistance to students who need such assistance in order to attend. More than 85 percent of all Muskingum-funded grants and scholarships go to students who demonstrate financial need, which is in addition to federal, state and private funds allocated to needy students. If you wish to be considered for need based financial aid please visit our Need-Based Financial Aid page 

Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?

Yes. If you want to be considered each year for federal grants and loans, and Muskingum need-based grants you must re-apply for financial aid every year. The first step to re-applying for financial aid is to complete the renewal FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can complete the renewal FAFSA online at the FAFSA website after October 1st. For additional information about applying for financial aid please visit our Need-Based Financial Aid page.

Does living off campus or commuting from home affect my financial aid?

Some students may be offered a Housing Scholarship. Students are required to live on campus to be eligible for a Housing Scholarship.

Financial aid eligibility for students who live off-campus (live in a house or apartment and pay rent) is different than for students who live on campus.

Students who commute (live at home with parents) have different financial aid packages from off-campus and resident students because they do not have the same expenses (they do not pay room and board or rent). Commuter students' financial aid is based on their tuition and transportation costs.

When do I receive my financial aid?

Entering students should receive a financial aid offer on their Admission Status Page beginning in December (For the 2024-2025 school year offers will be sent in March) or a few weeks after they have been accepted for admission and have submitted their FAFSA with Muskingum listed in the school section. Returning students should receive a financial aid offer on Muskie Link in May provided that they completed the FAFSA by the priority deadline of April 15 and requests for additional information have been fulfilled.

What are the requirements for keeping my scholarship and financial aid eligiblity?

Requirements for keeping scholarships vary by the type of scholarship. Please view the Scholarship and Award Provisions to determine the GPA required for specific scholarships. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to maintain eligibility for financial aid.

How do I use external scholarships (or scholarships that I received outside of Muskingum)?

Awards from private sources which are not indicated on the aid award must be reported to Student Financial Services, and appropriate adjustments will be made where necessary. In most cases the external award will replace the Responsible to Pay amount or the loans and work component of the aid package. There may be instances where it will be necessary to adjust other aid. To report external awards please print, complete, and mail the External Scholarship Response Form to Student Financial Services.

When can I purchase my books and how much do they generally cost?

Muskingum University provides required textbooks and course materials free to traditional undergraduate students. Powered by Barnes & Noble College, which operates the Muskingum University Bookstore, First Day Complete will ensure Muskingum students have all the course materials they need for academic success available by the first day of class.  

Participation in the First Day Complete program will be part of students’ tuition. Muskingum University is the first institution in Ohio to offer the First Day Complete program at no extra cost to students. 

As part of the program, students will select their preferred delivery method. The University bookstore will prepare the materials for each student and notify them when the materials have shipped or are available for pickup at the bookstore. Digital materials will be delivered directly through the Muskingum University learning management system, Blackboard.  


What happens if there is a loss of income in my family that affects my ability to pay for school?

If there is a change in your financial situation while you are attending school please contact the Student Financial Services office at 740-826-8139. 

How is my financial aid affected if I decide not to continue participating in athletics?

A student’s participation or performance in intercollegiate athletics at Muskingum has no relationship with the financial aid package. The NCAA prohibits any consideration of athletics in the awarding of financial aid at the Division III level. Muskingum complies with NCAA rules. Financial aid eligibility can be based on multiple factors, with the family’s financial need and the student’s academic performance being the most important. A student’s athletic participation or ability is not a factor and is usually unknown to the financial aid professional at the time the aid package is constructed. 

What is the meal plan and when do I sign up for it?

Students living in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan. There are different meal plans to choose from. Click here to view meal plan options.

When is the tuition deposit due and what does it cover?

All incoming students are required to submit a tuition deposit of $200 by May 1. The deposit establishes your place in the class. For resident students the deposit will allow then to complete room/dorm preferences. A portion of the deposit will go towards the student tuition bill.

What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans?

Subsidized loans are loans that the federal government is responsible for paying the interest while the student is in school. Sometimes, part or all of the loan awarded will be classified as unsubsidized, meaning the student, rather than the government, is responsible for the interest while enrolled in school. Eligibility for each type of loan is determined by the EFC from filing the FAFSA as well as student grade level.

How do I apply for a loan?

Please see our Student and Parent Loans section for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for student and parent loans.

Is there anyone available that can help me complete loan applications?

The Student Financial Services office is available throughout the academic year and over the summer to help students and parents complete loan applications. The university will offer several one day orientation sessions (called Muskie Preview). Students and parents can pick one day to attend. During Muskie Preview students will register for classes, have their student ID picture taken, and select dorm room preferences. Parents will attend sessions provided by Muskingum staff that will go over academics, student life, and student accounts. The financial aid office will provide help with loan selection and application.

When do I have to have my payment options finalized?

Students will receive their billing statement in July. Parents and students must have their payment arrangements finalized in August as payment for fall semester is due August 1st. If a student or parent is taking a loan to cover the Responsible to Pay amount, half of the loan amount will be disbursed for the fall and half of the loan amount will be disbursed for the spring. Students and parents who are taking loans to cover their balance can mark on the billing statement that they have been approved for a loan to cover the balance then send the billing statement back to Muskingum. Additional FAQ’s about your billing statement are posted on our Business (Billing) Office website. 

If I find a job on campus when and how do I get paid?

Students are responsible for finding a job on campus. Students who were awarded work study eligibility as part of their aid package will have first priority when applying for campus jobs. Students are generally paid minimum wage and work under 10 hours a week. Payday is once a month and wages will be paid to students through the payment method they have on file with the Business Office. Students who are working for the first time on campus will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate, social security card, or passport, and a copy of their school ID or driver’s license before they can work and be paid. For more information on student jobs please visit our Employment section.

Am I eligible for financial aid for Summer Session?

If you are enrolling in Summer Session courses you may be eligible for financial aid. Please email with the number of credits you plan to take to learn about your eligibility. 

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