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David and Karin Kratoville Innovation Fellows Program

The mission of the David and Karin Kratoville Innovation Fellows Program is to enhance the Muskingum University education of our fellows through the investigation, development, and application of innovation to creations and solutions which result in positive impacts.

Essential Components of the Program

The goals of this four-year experience are broad and progressive in nature, designed to develop students into holistic, lifelong problem-solvers and innovators who create positive impact.  The program’s broad scope provides a forum where students from all disciplines, backgrounds, and interests can explore innovation, creating solutions with sound conceptual skills that will positively impact their own lives, the lives of their family and friends, and the lives of those in their communities.  

The distinctiveness of the fellows program is two-fold:

  1. Kratoville Fellows work and study innovation in its broadest context, leading to the development of an innovation application that creates positive impact.
  2. Kratoville Fellows proceed through the program with a comprehensive set of high impact learning activities related to the development of skills and knowledge to apply innovation to creative challenges.  

Four program components are essential to guide the experiences of the David and Karin Kratoville Innovation Fellows. 

  1. Holistic education of innovation and conceptual skills
  2. Create Acceptance of positive change, with a purposeful bias for action
  3. Creation of innovation with a positive impact
  4. Addressing problems and challenges of innovation through cohort support and mentorship from advanced Kratoville Fellows, alumni, and community mentors


Goals of the Program

Students who participate in the program will:

  • become more knowledgeable about innovation theories and applications.  
    •  Participants will complete academic programming to explore concepts of innovation and applications within a variety of disciplines (e.g. art, architecture, scientific discoveries, engineered products, novel business models, social entrepreneurship, and more). 
    • Participants will engage in co-curricular activities that provide exposure to various types of innovation. 
    • Participants will begin to reflect on their innovation journey through development of a portfolio
  • develop a greater sense of efficacy that their actions and innovations can effect positive change.
    • Participants will collectively discuss ideas for positive action and change and develop team innovation projects 
    • Participants will deepen their own personal interests in innovation and creative problem-solving 
    • Participants will build a sustained record of mentorship with other Kratoville Fellows. 
  • be actively engaged in innovation challenges personalized to their own interests, while developing networks of support for innovation ventures. 
    • Participants will connect with a network of alumni, community, and career leaders who will inspire and guide their continued innovation impacts.
    • Participants will engage in a high-impact experience that includes substantive work addressing problems and challenges of innovation applications.
  • create a positive impact on the Kratoville Fellows cohorts, the Muskingum University campus, and their community. 
    • Participants will take a leadership role in organizing activities and opportunities for Kratoville Fellows at earlier stages of the program.
    • Participants will mentor Kratoville Fellows in the process of developing high-impact project proposals
    • Participants will use their fellowship experiences to guide their next steps in career planning for future positive impact.


Cassandra King, Associate Professor of Theatre

Rob Wilson, Associate Professor of Physics

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