Academic Affairs

The Muskingum Experience

The University's academic and cocurricular programming is built on the Muskingum Experience, the university-wide signature program.  Designed to guide and enrich each student's educational journey, it begins with an intensive First Year Experience, supported by Muskingum's integrative advising model, and a general education program aimed at challenging students to attain the academic skills and knowledge at the heart of our mission.  The Muskingum Experience continues as students pursue their individual majors and, in the third and fourth years, pursue a High Impact Learning Experience and engage in integrative inquiry and self-reflection in their senior capstones.

At the heart of the Muskingum Experience is a set of Institution-Wide-Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs), developed in response to the needs of 21st century students and employers.  These are skills that students need to succeed vocationally and personally and are connected to Muskingum's mission to educate "the whole person for the whole world."  They encompass academic skills and go above and beyond to incorporate the self-awareness and life skills necessary for students to thrive when they leave Muskingum.  Students hone these skills in the classroom, on the court and field, through work opportunities and campus leadership opportunities - all part of the Muskingum Experience.

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