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First Year Program


The First Year Experience (FYE) Program at Muskingum University provides students with a full academic year of support as they transition to college and begin their Muskingum Experience. FYE is designed to help students develop the academic and life skills needed to lead vocationally productive, personally satisfying, and socially responsible lives.  The program includes two courses: Muskingum Experience (MUXP) 101 and MUXP 151.


MUXP 101 offers students a robust introduction to college academics, Muskingum University, and the surrounding community. Instructors and peer mentors guide students in creating an e-Portfolio to document their Muskingum Experience and achieving the following learning outcomes:

  • gain experience in connecting with Muskingum University
  • demonstrate knowledge of academic policies, procedures, and expectations
  • develop college success strategies
  • adopt self-reflective practices
  • recognize and respect human differences
  • use and adapt to new technologies

The faculty and staff who teach MUXP 101 also serve their students as academic advisors. They help students schedule classes as well as select a major and an advisor in their field of study, preferably by the end of the first year. Elements of integrative advising are woven into the First Year Experience, including periodic check-ins to assess students’ academic progress, social/emotional well-being, and financial concerns.


MUXP 151 provides opportunities for students to explore careers, create a plan for experiential learning and co-curricular opportunities, build upon the e-Portfolio they started in MUXP 101, and earn financial literacy digital badges. Instructors help students achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • demonstrate knowledge of majors and high-impact experiences
  • demonstrate the practice of career readiness skills
  • demonstrate financial literacy
  • articulate educational pathways


The First Year Program is committed to:

  • Campus-wide collaboration
  • Successful transition to the academic expectations and campus life of college
  • The education of the "whole person" as described in the Muskingum University mission
  • Program improvement through continuous evaluation of data related to First Year academic achievement and campus engagement


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