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Institution-Wide Student Learning Outcomes

As Muskingum University’s strategic action plan IMPACT 2025 was developed, a set of Institution-Wide Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) were identified as hallmarks of the Muskingum educational experience.   These outcomes recognize student learning as institution-wide, spanning the student educational experience over time, and across both curricular and co-curricular activities.  Muskingum’s outcomes were designed with 21st century skills at the forefront, and as such the ISLOs encompass core academic knowledge and technical skills as well as skills of self-reflection and adaptation, teamwork and collaboration, and understanding moral beliefs and human differences.  

The ISLOs are organized into three major themes:

  • Innovation: Muskies are problem solvers.
  • Initiative: Muskies are purpose-driven.
  • Impact: Muskies change communities.

Theme #1

INNOVATION — Muskies are problem solvers

GOAL: Muskingum students become creative problem solvers and confident risk-takers who use their skills and knowledge as catalysts for change.

OUTCOMES: Muskingum students will:

  • Identify and solve problems
  • Access and evaluate information
  • Use and adapt to new technologies
  • Demonstrate resilience while managing risk.

OPPORTUNITIES: Learning opportunities include:

  • Problem solving team challenges
  • Applied projects in majors
  • Leadership in student organizations/student life/athletics
  • Internship experiences
  • Faculty/student research projects

Theme #2

INITIATIVE — Muskies are purpose-driven

GOAL: Muskingum students become self-aware, purpose driven individuals who live well-rounded lives.

OUTCOMES: Muskingum students will:

  • Explore diverse interests to develop pathways for life-long learning
  • Understand and appreciate different modes of expression
  • Adapt to new or challenging situations
  • Adopt self-reflective practices
  • Pursue habits of (mental/emotional, physical, spiritual) wellness

OPPORTUNITIES: Learning opportunities include:

  • Integrative advising process
  • General education curriculum
  • Field trips and conferences
  • Study abroad and study away
  • Author talks at library
  • Living in community
  • Campus events (speakers, concerts, art exhibits, athletic events)
  • Internships

Theme #3

IMPACT — Muskies change communities

GOAL: Muskingum students become active community members who positively impact the world around them.

OUTCOMES: Muskingum students will:

  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Collaborate with teams and demonstrate leadership skills
  • Understand their moral beliefs and make ethical decisions
  • Recognize and respect human differences
  • Demonstrate a commitment to change the world around them

OPPORTUNITIES: Learning opportunities include:

  • ENGL 121 and COMM 200
  • Gen ed Moral Inquiry and Cultural Diversity requirements
  • Academic clubs (History Club, Languages, etc.)
  • Co-curricular opportunities (WMCO, Black & Magenta, First Circle, Music and Theater)
  • Social clubs (Black Student Union, Equality Alliance, World Vision)
  • Fraternity or sorority life
  • Athletics and intramurals
  • Student government
  • Community service projects
  • Religious life programs
  • Internships

These learning outcomes shape the entire undergraduate student experience, as they are embedded in the First-Experience program, general education program, coursework, internships and applied learning projects, and in the Senior Capstone course.  In addition, co-curricular activities, such as athletics, student organizations, student leadership positions, and on and off- campus employment provide a rich array of opportunities to learn and grow throughout the Muskingum Experience.

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