International Programs

How to Pay Your Bill

Bills for new students are generated as classes are added to your schedule. This may mean that you will not have an official bill until after you arrive on campus. The Office of International Admission can help you estimate the cost for the year or semester, but it may not be exact. If you require an official bill in order to apply for or receive your loans, please contact the office as early as possible, and we will have a special bill generated for you. Payment is generally at the end of the first week of classes.

Tuition bills for returning students are sent out in July for the August term and in December for the January term.

Payment can be be made online at the Muskingum Business Office website by clicking here; in the form of a bank draft in US dollars (drawn on a US bank); or in the form an international money order made payable to Muskingum University. Cash, traveler's checks, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover are also acceptable forms of payment. American Express is not accepted in the Business Office.

If you prefer, payments can be made by an electronic funds transfer. Contact the Business Office for additional information.

Note: You may incur fees when sending funds via a wire transfer. These fees can be charged by the originating bank or a partner bank, depending on the route the funds must take to get to the College's account. You should check with your bank to determine the amount of these fees.

The Business Office prefers to receive your payment before you arrive (this also lets us register you for classes and guarantee your dormitory room). However, you can make the payment in person during International Student Orientation.

Please note that if you travel with more than $10,000, you must declare and may be taxed on the money when you enter the United States. We do not suggest that you carry large sums of money with you. However, if it is absolutely necessary you should carry the money in the form of traveler's checks.

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