International Programs

Incoming International Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Muskingum University!

There is a lot to think about before your arrival in New Concord. This page contains many helpful links for you to make your move to the United States a little bit easier.

In addition to the links on the right, be sure to go through the International Student Handbook. This handbook was designed for new international students coming to Muskingum University. The handbook contains information specific to Muskingum as well as information about what it is like going to a college or university in the United States.

It is VERY important that you attend Orientation. This program will make life at Muskingum University much easier. You will meet all the other new international students and have a variety of informational sessions and fun activities. See the Orientation page for complete details.

The main form of communication prior to arrival is email. The International Student Services Office usually has the email addresses of the incoming students, but contact Valerie Smith if you are not receiving emails from the office and it is less than a month before your arrival.

Ask questions! We love hearing from students before they come and answering their questions. Even if the question seems silly to you, ask us anyway! Many times the questions covers something important and we will send out the answer to all the new students. You can direct your question to either of the two people below, but please only contact one of us with your question so that we can be sure that it gets answered quickly.

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