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Universität Passau

Passau, Bavaria, Germany

Students must be at least a sophomore and have a cumulative 2.5 GPA. Students must also have a proficiency in the German language to attend the University of Passau.

Financial Responsibilities: 
Students are responsible for meals and housing at Universität Passau. Students have the option of living in a dormitory or finding their own accommodations, and they must pay for their meals daily at the student cafeteria. Students are responsible for transportation fees to and from the university, as well as the costs of class materials and any personal expenses (traveling, clothing, etc.). Students must purchase health insurance as required by Universität Passau. It is recommended that students purchase health insurance in Germany to avoid the more expensive option of private and/or travel insurance. Students must also purchase a residence permit; to learn more about the process, visit….

Rooms in residence halls cost between 200 to 400 EUR per month. In general, sheets and blankets are provided, although towels are not. If desired, you can rent a private room which costs between 200-400 EUR per month. For more information on accommodation at Passau, visit….

The main cafeteria on campus (Mensa) usually offers three or four different meals at lunch, with a choice of side dishes, salads, and desserts. The meals can cost around 4 to 6 EUR. Other cafeterias on campus offer hot and cold beverages and snacks such as sandwiches, rolls, fruits and sweets. The cafeterias charge a deposit on cups, so the student is advised to bring his own. The main cafeteria is open only for lunch and dinner. The other cafeterias are open from morning to evening. None are open on the weekends.

Universität Passau offers several faculties of study such as the Faculties of Catholic Theology, Law, Business Administration and Economics, Humanities, and Mathematics and Computer Science. The courses in the Faculty of Humanities range from education and geography to modern languages, philosophy, and art history. This faculty also offers an interdisciplinary international business course. The university is currently offering approximately 20 foreign languages. Through the German Courses Passau (GCP) program, Universität Passau offers an intensive German language course each summer. If you are attending Universität Passau in the Fall semester, you can easily get more acquainted with the language by attending one of these 80-hour, four week courses.

About Passau: 
Universität Passau is centrally located just outside the medieval heart of the city. Passau is located near the Danube, Inn, and Ilz Rivers. All but one of the buildings are along the Inn River. Although a visa is not required, all international students spending more than three months in Germany must apply for a residence permit, as well as register at the Citizen's Registry. The college offers orientation weeks for international students during the winter semester. Approximately 800 students attend Universität Passau, and the university hosts about 250 international student each year.

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