Study Abroad

Yonsei University

Seoul, Korea

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Financial Responsibilities:
Tuition is paid to the home institution, which means that scholarships and financial aid still apply. Fees for housing and meals are paid to the university. Personal checks are not accepted; bank/cashier's checks or bank/international money orders can be used. The housing and meal fees can be paid either in Korean Won or US dollars. Transportation to and from the institution, as well as books and any personal expenses, are the responsibility of the student. Yonsei does not provide health coverage, so students must make sure they have insurance while in Korea. It is recommended that you have US $3100 for rent, meals, books, and other expenses for each semester.

Room and Board: 
A mix of international and Korean students live in a dormitory known as the International House. The main language spoken in this dorm is English. The rooms are doubles containing twin best, wardrobes, desks, small bookcases, and overhead lights, but no desk lamps are provided. Every room is equipped with LAN connections for Internet access, but telephone access is limited. Each room has one telephone connected with a central switchboard that only accommodates incoming calls, and several pay phones are available for student use. Bed linens, including a pillow, are provided. Cooking, smoking, and drinking are not allowed in the rooms. The dorm provides toasters and refrigerators for the students to share since kitchen appliances are not permitted in the dorms. Lounges, a study room, a recreation room, a lecture room, a computer room, and laundry facilities with washing machines, dryers, and irons are available for use free of charge. Rooms are available at the cost of US $1200 per semester, to be fully paid in advance. While no meal plan is available, there is a cafeteria as well as many restaurants on campus, and at least one is always open during normal business hours. Korean as well as Western and Japanese dishes are available. For more information on housing, visit

Many courses taught in English are available under these groupings: East Asian Studies, International Relations, and International Business. There are also Korean language courses taught specifically for foreign students. Keep in mind that transferring credits is rarely an issue of debate and many of these classes can fulfill LAE requirements.

About Yonsei: 
Yonsei University, the oldest in Korea, is located about 20 minutes from Seoul's metropolitan area. Its educational mission is based on the Christian principles of truth and freedom and it is known for being a beautiful respite from the city life while still being close enough to enjoy it. Vaccines should be current before traveling. No further immunizations are required for travel to Korea, but a vaccine against typhoid is strongly urged. As it is very difficult to cash US currency in Korea, traveler's checks (in won) are recommended. Enrollment at Yonsei is around 38,000 students, but don't worry about getting lost. The staff and Yonsei works hard to maintain its international student-friendly atmosphere. Such programs as the "Buddy Program" safeguard against loneliness and isolation by pairing a Korean student with a foreign student for various activities, and the Global Lounge provides an open-minded atmosphere in which students can study or relax. Yonsei offers many traditional Korean activities on campus such as calligraphy and painting, cooking, dancing, ceramics, and folk music.

Visit Yonsei University's official website at Visit the Office of International Affairs website at

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