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Share Your Professional News with the Muskingum University Community

In recognition of your professional contributions to your disciplines, Laudations will be periodically posted at and shared with the Muskingum University community.

  • Laudations is a way to promote collegiality by sharing professional contributions to your discipline (e.g. peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, professional presentations, grants, awards , etc.).   
  • Activities primarily related to teaching or student support (e.g. teaching innovations, development of internships, etc.) while very valuable to our students and to our institution, are not the focus of Laudations. 
  • To keep Laudations fresh and up-to-date, please submit professional contributions from within the past year.
  • Works in process (i.e. manuscripts or grant proposals under development or under review) are not quite ready for Laudations.  Please wait to submit them as final products when they have been accepted for publication, presentation, funding, etc.

Please submit your news using the form below. We will contact you if additional information is needed.

You are also welcome to submit related photos (such as from an event) for use in other University marketing initiatives such as Magenta Lines. If you have an image you would like to share, please use the optional upload box found at the end of the form.

Thank you!

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