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Policies and Procedures For Safety/Security/Environment

Hazard Communication Program

Muskingum University has a written Hazard Communication Program which focuses on chemical handling and is intended to inform employees about any chemical hazards in the workplace. The Hazard Communication Standard is distributed to all department heads. Files of all campus Material Safety Data Sheets are maintained in the office of the Compliance Officer (unless otherwise stated, Chair of the Chemistry Department or Coordinator of the Science Division) and the second set is kept in the Campus Police Department. Copies are available in individual departments as appropriate.

Responsibility for compliance in these areas will be with the department heads. Refer to complete Program in the Office of Human Resources or Coordinator of Science Division.

Hazardous Material Video Policy

It is University policy that all employees who potentially could be exposed to chemicals, cleansers, waste materials, solvents, toners, paints or other substances in their work area which could pose a hazard alone, when combined with another substance or if disturbed, are required to view a Hazardous Communication Training video, available in the University Library, within one week after reporting to work and to sign a Statement of Compliance which is returned and filed in the Office of Human Resources.

Chemical Hygiene Policy

The University maintains a written Chemical Hygiene Plan. The Chemical Hygiene Officer (unless otherwise stated the Chair of the Chemistry Department or Coordinator of the Science Division) is responsible for the Plan and obtaining and maintaining a Material Safety Data Sheet for each chemical at Muskingum University.

For authorized users, view the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Response To Fire, Smoke And Emergency Alarm Policy

When a fire alarm, smoke alarm, or other emergency system activates in any campus building it is University policy that persons must evacuate the building immediately. One should not re-enter the building until permitted by authorized personnel (New Concord Fire Department, University Campus Police Officers, or officer of the University.)

Weather Conditions

Employees who have the ability to perform work remotely should consult with their immediate supervisor.  Faculty should follow guidance from the Provost's Office.  For inclement weather that does not result in a cancellation or delay, refer to the University policies and consult/notify your supervisor as needed. 

Non-resident personnel should make reasonable attempts to get to the campus for work. If, however, it appears that such attempts reasonably may subject one's life or health to danger, it is acceptable to stay home. Any employee who can not report for work should keep his/her supervisor or department chair informed of the situation. Such time off by administration or support staff may be taken as vacation leave, leave without pay or can be made up if within that pay period.

If an employee is in doubt concerning the operations of the University, he or she should listen to one of the following radio stations which will be notified of and will broadcast announcements regarding the University’s closing:

  • WMCO 90.7 FM radio (New Concord)
  • WILE 1270 AM radio (Cambridge)
  • WHIZ 102.5 FM radio and WHIZ TV (Zanesville)
  • WCMJ 96.7 FM radio (Cambridge)

Alternatively, one may call the Muskingum University Weather Hotline (off-campus dial (740) 826-8188, follow the prompts and then dial *3500). If classes are canceled or delayed the Hotline will be updated by 6:30 a.m.

If the University should officially shut down because of severe weather, the time off by support staff members or administrators is considered paid time. Any support staff member required to work as “emergency personnel” (grounds crew, building maintenance crew scheduled for work that day or Campus Police officer scheduled for work that day) during such shutdown may be eligible for additional pay. If unable to report to work they will be charged vacation time or use unpaid leave. Any employee on another kind of leave at the time of the shutdown will be considered to continue on such originally declared leave with appropriate deductions taken from leave accumulations. The University will assume the cost of a traffic ticket should an individual listed as “emergency staff” receive a ticket during a level three shut down while attempting to get to work.

If weather conditions cause a delayed start of classes or work hours, rather than a cancellation, the 7:30 a.m. classes (and other classes, if warranted) will be canceled and the rest of the day’s schedule will remain intact. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education will determine whether graduate classes are canceled and those students may call the Weather Hotline or the office of Graduate Studies. Evening cancellations will be announced by 2:00 p.m.

Suspicious Mail

If one receives a suspicious letter or package:

  1. Handle with care. Do not shake or bump.
  2. Do not open, smell, touch or taste.
  3. Isolate it immediately
  4. Treat it as suspect. Call Campus Police (x8155) or a local law enforcement authority.

Students Handling Mail

Student workers are not permitted to open institutional mail.

Key Policy

Office keys are issued by the Physical Plant Department located in the trailer behind Memorial Hall (8160) with a Key Request Form at no cost to the employee. Key Request Forms may be obtained from division, department secretaries or physical plant. Telephone requests cannot be honored.

After Hours Access To Campus Buildings

Unrestricted after hours access to buildings is limited to:

  1. faculty
  2. administrative department heads
  3. employees with an on-going need as approved by Senior Staff and the Director of Campus Police.

Animals In Buildings Policy

To maintain a professional appearing workplace and to protect the health and well-being of faculty, staff, and students, pets are not permitted in work locations. Occasionally bringing a new pet to show colleagues is acceptable, and support animals assisting individuals with a disability are permitted in all campus buildings.

Bloodborne Pathogen Policy

Muskingum University maintains a written policy in response to OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens rules which provides mandatory training for certain employees, follows a written exposure plan, maintains work practice controls and provides protective equipment where appropriate. A Hepatitis B vaccine program is offered free of charge to certain employees who may come into contact with blood or body fluids (Athletic Department, the Wellness Center, MCCCD, Campus Police). In addition, training and the vaccine program is available to certain employees engaged in custodial or maintenance services and Residence Life where service response to a crisis may occur. It is University policy that such employees will follow universal precautions and utilize appropriate protective equipment, precautions and procedures. Failure to do so is subject to established discipline procedures.

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