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How do I change my contribution to the Retirement Plan?

After meeting service and eligibility requirements the employee contributes a minimum of 5% and the University contributes 4% of basic salary to the Retirement Plan. One may contribute additional amounts up to the limits established by the Internal Revenue Service by completing the Salary Reduction Agreement available in the Office of Human Resources.

How do I know what my income from the Retirement Plan will be at retirement?

Go to where one can view accumulation amounts; obtain estimates of retirement income; obtain estimates of Social Security income and change allocations or future contribution amounts to meet retirement financial goals.

How do I obtain a new health insurance identification card if I have lost my card?

Contact MedBen at 800-686-8425. The group number is 10552-00011.

How do I know if my physician or dentist is in the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network?

For a listing of physicians within Ohio, go to MedBen Network Providers:  OPPOC - For physicians outside Ohio, PHCS (out of state) - For a listing of dentists within the network go to

How do I change my benefit plan beneficiaries or notify the benefit plans of name or address change?

The Office of Human Resources maintains the forms necessary to change beneficiaries and address change. To indicate change of name one must bring to the Office of Human Resources the new Social Security card with name change.

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