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Campus Networking

Registering Your Device

Apogee, a managed technology service provider, has been tasked with providing network access in the residential areas of campus.  The easiest way to connect your devices to the network is to download the Apogee Resnet app onto your smart phone and log into their portal using your Muskingum username and password.  For more information on connecting to their network, you can click here to see the move-in flyer.

To connect your device in academic areas on campus, you will connect to the MCStudent SSID with the password "students".  Then, open a browser on your device and browse to You will be redirected to a page where you can register your device.

Campus Networking Frequently Asked Questions

What is Device Registration and is it required in academic areas?

Everyone MUST register their devices in order to connect to the Muskingum Campus Network (MCStudent). 

The registration process for computers verifies that your computer has an up-to-date operating system and anti-virus package installed.

What are the Minimum System Requirements for Computer Registration?

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10
  • MacOS 11
  • Any version of Linux


  • Click here for a list of supported anti-virus packages

What about Routers and Wireless Access?

Routers, Access Points, or any other method of Internet connection sharing are strictly forbidden on the Muskingum network. They conflict with services provided and cause service interruption for everyone. Use of these devices or methods will be disconnected from the network until the sharing is removed.

What if the number of wired ethernet devices exceeds the number of ports in the room?

Network switches and CAT-5 network data cables may be sold in the bookstore. This equipment can be also be purchased at Walmart or Staples for reasonable rates. Please be sure to ask for a switch as they may try to sell you a wireless router.

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