Computer & Network Services

The CNS Team

Ryan Harvey


Ryan is responsible for the planning, fiscal and personnel operations of CNS.  He also has backup support responsibilities for several positions within the department.

Phone: (740) 826-8051

Jeff Forsythe

Systems Administrator

Jeff is responsible for the installation, configuration and management of the server hardware and software.

Phone: (740) 826-8058

Larry Gibson

Computer Services Coordinator

Larry is responsible for the coordination and triage of the daily activities, work flow and work order requests to CNS.  Larry is the supervisor for the department's student staff and is responsible for the hiring, scheduling and oversight of all student employees.

Phone: (740) 826-8053

Scott Karling

Desktop Applications Specialist

Scott is responsible for coordinating the purchase of university computers and peripherals.   Scott also oversees the technology in the campus computer labs and classrooms.

Phone: (740) 826-8056

John Miller

Assistant Director of CNS for Telecommunications

John is responsible for the campus telephone system and computer networks.  Additionally, he is the coordinator for campus cell phone services.

Phone: (740) 826-8052

Kim Purkey

Programmer/Analyst I

Kim is responsible for all programming and reporting support for the campus administrative computer system.

Phone: (740) 826-8057

Johnathon Scott

IT Generalist

Johnathon is responsible for secondary support of most job functions within Computer & Network Services

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