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How Can I Change my Password?

If you know your password:

  • Log into Webmail
  • Click on the Preferences tab
  • Click on General in the left column
  • Click on the Change Password button

If you need to reset your password:

  • Come to CNS in person.  We are located in 331 Boyd Science Center.  Please bring a photo ID with you.


  • Call CNS at 740-826-8050.  We will ask you for identifying information that we will confirm before resetting your password.

How Can I Access my E-mail Account?

There are multiple ways to access your email account.

Is There a Quota on my E-mail Account?

All accounts have a 150MB quota for their Zimbra collaboration space. This limit applies to all features associated with the Zimbra service, including your email, folders, calendar, documents, and briefcase.

Note: E-mail messages are moved to the Trash folder after they deleted. Messages will remain in Trash for 10 days and will continue to count against the quota. To manually empty the Trash, right-click on the Trash folder and select "Empty Trash".

Are There Attachment Size-Limits On Incoming Or Outgoing E-mails?

Muskingum restricts e-mail messages to 20MB in total size.

Is It Possible to Change My Address?

It is NOT possible to change your email address except under extreme conditions. Your address determines your username for all systems on the Muskingum University Network, thus changing it would affect your access to services and records on our network.

Users who find their accounts compromised can visit CNS during business hours. A photo ID is required to reset passwords. Passwords are request to be at least 6 characters long, and must contain at least 1 upper-case letter, 1 lower-case letter and 1 number.

Users who find their accounts flooded with spam and junk mail can review their options in the following section.

I Am Getting A Lot Of Spam And Junk Mail To My Address... What Can I Do About It?

Muskingum University utilizes a Barracuda Network Appliance for Spam Filtering. This provides protection against many types of spam and junk mail.

The Zimbra Web Client offers users the ability to create various content filters as well as sender-filtering through Options.

3rd-Party E-mail Clients also offer varying spam filtering capability.

Note: The CNS office can help you "clean out" your mailbox upon request if you have several "pages" of mail that you don't want.

I Am A Returning Student... How Do I Reestablish My Address?

Any students who leave Muskingum University for at least 6 months or longer are subject to having their accounts removed unless prior arrangements are made through CNS. If the student returns to the school, CNS will recreate the account automatically.

I Am A Graduating Student... Can I Keep My Address After Graduation?

Graduating student accounts remain online for one year from the last date of attendance.

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