Transfer Policies

Ready? Let's make sure you get transferred. Here are our policies.

  • Once you're accepted for admission, we'll review your transcripts and create a Transfer Credit Evaluation to reflect how your courses transfer to Muskingum.
    • To be eligible for transfer credit, courses must be completed at a regionally accredited college or university with a passing grade or better.
    • Remedial courses are not eligible for transfer credit.
    • You might be asked to provide a college catalog from their previous institution(s) and/or a course syllabus for specific classes.
  • All transfer students must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours at Muskingum University, regardless of the number of credits transferred from other institutions, in order to graduate from Muskingum.
  • Class standing is determined by transferable semester credit hours. Minimum credit hours for class status are: sophomore (28), junior (60), senior (90).
  • Quarter hours earned at previous institutions are modified to semester hours. One quarter hour equals 0.67 semester hours.
  • Students may earn credits and/or advanced standing through departmental proficiency examinations, Advanced Placement Program, College Level Examination and through military service and lifelong experience.
  • Completion of the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree requires the following:
    • Completion of 124 semester credit hours including, with few exceptions, a maximum of 40 semester hours in one discipline
    • A 2.0 GPA minimum in all work taken at Muskingum and in all courses in the chosen major
    • A minimum of 40 semester hours in courses at the 300-level or above
    • Completion of one departmental or interdisciplinary major with a minimum of 12 semester hours completed in the junior and senior years at Muskingum
  • Muskingum adheres to the Ohio Board of Regents Transfer and Articulation Policy.  Students who have earned an Associate's Degree, or who have completed at least 60 semester credit hours of earned transferable credit, from regionally accredited institutions, will be able to earn a baccalaureate degree from Muskingum University by meeting the following requirements:
    • Successful completion of the Transfer Module recognized by the Ohio Board of Regents
    • Students may fulfill any remaining transfer module requirements by using Muskingum University course equivalent
    • Completion of a minimum of 124 earned semester credit hours
    • Completion of the requirements of the academic major
    • Completion of a minimum of 40 semester credit hours at the 300-400 level, including one 3-hour, 300-level writing unit course
    • Completion of the Muskingum residency requirement of 32 earned semester credit hours
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