College Credit Plus

Interested in earning college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses at Muskingum?

Ohio’s College Credit Plus can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students.


How To Apply

Students interested in taking classes from Muskingum University through Ohio’s College Credit Plus program must submit the following materials:

  • College Credit Plus Application 
  • Official High School Transcripts (sent directly from the high school)
  • ACT or SAT Scores 
  • Letter of Recommendation (preferably from a teacher in a subject area which the student is interested in pursuing)

Students must follow the eligibility guidelines and meet the assessment threshold score as set by the State of Ohio. 


Level One/First 15 Rule

Courses must meet the course eligibility rules as set by the State of Ohio. This list indicates the Muskingum University courses that can be taken at Level One

Please Note: Admission to CCP does not guarantee admission to a specific course. Muskingum University will give registration priority to its degree-seeking students.

Muskingum University cannot guarantee that all Level 1 courses will be available or offered every semester. CCP students will be enrolled in a course(s) approximately 2 weeks before classes start or after the last Muskie Preview Day.

The student must already be accepted to the university, course(s) must be open and all prerequisites must be met (if applicable). Only 2 CCP courses may be taken per semester. 

Review the availability of courses via MuskieLink by selecting Students>Search for Sections.


Level One Course List:

ACCT 201 Financial Accounting
ANST 250 Career Dev In Animal Studies
ANTH 201 Cultural Anthropology
ART 112 Drawing I
ART 120 Three Dimensional Design
ART 121 Ceramics I
ART 131 Sculpture I
ART 141 Photography
ART 151 Introduction To Art
ART 170 Graphic Design I
ART 241 Painting I
BIOL 100 Science And Society
BIOL 106 Contemporary Biologic Issues
BIOL 107 Biology Laboratory I
BIOL 108 Biology Laboratory Ii
BIOL 112 Organismal Biology Ii
BUSI 221 Organizational Management
BUSI 241 Marketing
CHEM 101 The Joy Of Chemistry
CHEM 105 Issues In Chemical Sciences
CHEM 108 General Org/Biochemistry
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I
COMM 120 Introduction To Communication
COMM 200 Fundamentals Of Speech
COMM 205 Extemporaneous Speaking
COMM 206 Voice And Diction
COMM 225 Communication Theory
COMM 260 Oral Interpretation Of Literature
CPSC 100 Intro To Computer Science
CRMJ 101 Intro To Criminal Justice
ECON 215 Principles Of Microeconomics
EDUC 110 Introduction To Education
EDUC 220 Math Content For ECED/SPED
ENGL 121 Composition
FREN 111 Beginning French I
FREN 123 Explor Franc Lit In Eng Trans
GEOG 111 World Regional Geography
GEOG 120 Physical Geography
GEOG 220 Earth's Climate System
GEOL 101 Introduction To Geology
GEOL 105 Geohazards
GEOL 110 Environmental Geology
GEOL 200 Oceanography
GEOL 220 Landform Evolution
GEOL 230 Introduction To Well Logging
GERM 111 Beginning German I
GERM 123 Explor Of Germ Lit Eng Transl
HIST 105 U.S. History To 1877
HIST 106 U.S. History From 1877
HIST 110 Pre-Modern World History
HIST 111 Emergence Of Modern World I
HIST 112 Emergence Of Modern World Ii
HIST 220 U.S. Women's History
HIST 230 The American Civil War
HIST 240 The Holocaust
HIST 245 The First World War
HIST 260 The Cold War In The Americas
HLSC 101 Intro To Health Sciences
HLSC 110 Medical Terminology I
HLSC 131 Human Stucture & Function
HLSC 151 Global Health
HLSC 231 Nutrition Across The Lifespan
HLTH 200 Nutrition & Physical Fitness
IDIS 160 Introduction To Film Studies
IDIS 240 Intro To American Studies
IDIS 260 Topics In Film
IDIS 275 Arts/Humanities West Culture
IDIS 291 Introduction To Gender Studies
LIBR 220 Beyond Google: Research Skills
MATH 100 Transitional Algebra
MATH 140 Practical Statistics
MATH 150 Quantitative Reas For Lib Art
MATH 170 Applied College Algebra
MATH 180 Precalculus
MATH 190 Calculus I
MATH 225 Discrete Mathematics
MEDIA 150 Intro To Convergent Media
MEDIA 210 Media Literacy
MUSC 110 History Of Popular Music
MUSC 121 Introduction To Music
PE 149 Physiology Of Exercise
PHEN 100 Physics For Video Games
PHEN 101 Conceptual Physics
PHEN 110 Intro To Physics & Engineering
PHEN 121 Classical Physics I
PHEN 150 Introduction To Astronomy
PHEN 200 The Ideas Of Modern Physics
PHIL 101 Introduction To Philosophy
PHIL 202 Logic And Critical Thinking
PHIL 203 Introduction To Ethics
POLS 111 American Political System
POLS 121 Intro To Public Admin & Polic
POLS 131 Intro To Comparative Politics
POLS 151 Intro To Intl Relations
PSYC 101 Introduction To Psychology
PSYC 208 Lifespan Development
PSYC 232 Behavioral Statistics
RELG 150 Biblical Theology
RELG 153 World Religions
RELG 252 The Judeo-Christian Tradition
RELG 260 Intro To Christian Theology
RELG 261 Women And The Bible
SOCI 101 The Sociological Perspective
SOCI 216 Social Probs In Contemp Amer
SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 123 Explor Hisp Lit Engl Transl
SPST 105 Intro To Sport Analytics
SPST 221 Athletics Communication
SPST 240 Sports Media
THEA 151 Introduction To Theatre
THEA 223 Auditioning
THEA 245 Technical Production
THEA 265 Design I:Expl In Thea Design
THEA 275 Acting I
THEA 285 Dance For Musical Theatre
WRLD 200 Cross-Cultural Communication
WRLD 250 Intro Second Lang Acquisition

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