Pre-Health Programs

Pre-Physician's Assistant

You must complete a major in addition to each schools' pre-requisite courses. Many students choose a major that requires courses that are part of the list of pre-requisites.

Be sure to examine the specific pre-requisites for the each school to which you plan to apply.  The following are common courses listed as pre-requisites for several Clinical Degree in Physician's Assistant Programs.

  • Biology 121:  Anatomy & Physiology I & Biology 122:  Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Biology 226: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biology 312: Microbiology
  • Chemistry 111: General Chemistry I & Chemistry 112: General Chemistry II
  • The following courses are required by many Physician’s Assistant Programs - Chemistry 213: Organic Chemistry I & Chemistry 214: Organic Chemistry II Chemistry 418/419: Biochemistry I or II
  • Psychology 101:  Introduction to Psychology
  •       * For University of Findlay: Math 140: Practical Statistics or higher
  •       * For Marietta College: Psychology 363: Abnormal Psychology
  •       * For University of Findlay: Phen 121 & Phen 122 General physics with labs
  • Sociology 101: The Sociological Perspective
  • Health Science 110: Medical Terminology I & Health Science 111: Medical Terminology II
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