Loan periods and renewals


Muskingum Books

Muskingum Media (CD, DVD) OhioLINK Books OhioLINK Media (CD, DVD)
Undergraduates Loan Period: 21 days
Renew: 6 times*
Loan Period: 7 days
Renew: 3 times*
Loan Period: 21 days
Renew: 6 times*
Loan Period: 7 days
Renew: 3 times*
Graduate/MAP Students Loan Period: 42 days
Renew: 6 times*
Loan Period: 7 days
Renew: 3 times*
Loan Period: 42 days
Renew: 6 times*
Loan Period: 7 days
Renew: 3 times*
Faculty/Staff Loan Period: 42 days
Renew: 6 times*
Loan Period: 7 days
Renew: 3 times*
Loan Period: 42 days
Renew: 6 times*
Loan Period: 7 days
Renew: 3 times*
Courtesy Card Loan Period: 21 days
Renew: 4 times
Loan Period: 7 days
Renew: 3 times*
OhioLINK borrowing is not available. OhioLINK borrowing is not available.

*You have the potential to renew items as long as another person has not placed a hold on the item.

Maximum number of items checked out and requests


Maximum number of items checked out

Maximum open requests
Undergraduates 50 25
Graduate/MAP Students 100 20
Faculty/Staff 200 30
Courtesy Card 5 None

Overdue Fines

  • $.50 per day for all Muskingum, OPAL, or OhioLINK items borrowed
  • $.50 per hour for reserve materials
  • $.50 per day for interlibrary loans

Lost Item charges

Undergraduates (excluding MAP) - Any library item not returned by the last day of class each semester or (All patrons) 21 days after the due date will be considered lost.

  • $50 fine plus a $75 processing and billing fee for a lost Muskingum University item
  • $50 fine plus a $75 processing and billing fee for a lost OPAL or OhioLINK item

If you return the lost item to the library within three months of being billed, you will receive a $75 credit for each Muskingum University, OPAL, and/or OhioLINK item.

Suspended Accounts

Once you have accumulated more than $10 in fines, your account will be automatically suspended and you will not be able to borrow additional items until your fines are paid.

Paying Fines and Charges

Fines and lost charges may be paid at the Welcome Center by cash or check during the semester. All unpaid fines and lost charges will be added to your account in the Business Office.


If there are no holds on the item you have checked out, you may request a renewal and keep it for another loan period. Books have the potential to be renewed six times. Videos and CDs have the potential to be renewed three times. You may renew books online using My Account, on the phone (740-826-8152), or in person at the Library.

Interlibrary loan renewals should be made at least one week before the due date. Since the due date and the renewal is at the discretion of the lending library, we cannot guarantee that you will be permitted to renew a book, or that the renewal will be for any particular length of time. You need the ILL number indicated on the book wrapper in order to request renewals of interlibrary loan books. Only one renewal period is permitted for each ILL book.


A hold can be placed on items checked out. When the item is returned an email will be sent to your Muskingum email account notifying you that it is ready for pick-up at the Circulation Desk. The item will be held for you on the Hold Shelf for 10 days. After the 10th day, it will be sent back to the lending institution or back on the shelf if Muskingum University owns it.

Missing items

Items that have been reported as missing are searched for by library staff. If the book is found, the person who reports it missing is notified of its availability.

Returning items

When you are finished using the items you have borrowed from the library, you may return them to the Circulation Desk when the Library is open. If the Library is closed when you're returning a book, you can put it in the book drop located next to the front door of the building. Please do not put audio or video recordings in the book drop, as they can get damaged. OhioLINK items may be returned to any OhioLINK member library.

Community Courtesy Card

Anyone may use the Library facilities and materials at Muskingum University. The Library extends special borrowing privileges to the following community members:

  • Adult residents (18 years and older) of New Concord
  • Alumni/Alumnae of Muskingum University
  • Members of the clergy
  • Teachers in local school districts

Other individuals who do not meet the above criteria will be charged an annual fee of $10.00 for a Courtesy Card.

Library Courtesy Cards are issued and renewed on a yearly basis. The community borrower must complete an application form and provide a current public library card, a driver's license, and proof of current address.

Courtesy Card borrowers may check out a maximum of five items at a time. These items can include books, government documents, and media items. A Courtesy Card must be presented each time items are checked out. Courtesy Card holders may not borrow items through interlibrary loan, OPAL, or OhioLINK.

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