Financial Aid

Need Based Application Process

How to apply for need-based financial aid.

Need-Based Financial Aid Application Process

If you wish to be considered for need-based financial aid at Muskingum University, you will need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

The FAFSA for 2023-24 can be filed beginning on October 1, 2022. The recommended filing date for entering students is March 1st. Returning students should file by April 15th.

If this is your first time filing the FAFSA you may want to click here to watch FAFSA-overview  to learn about the FAFSA.

Parents and students should work together. The FAFSA is based on parent and student 2020 income tax information and assets. If you have not completed your income taxes by the recommended filing date you may complete the FAFSA with estimated information. You can update to your FAFSA after you file your taxes.

  • Get an FSA ID. You may apply for one at
  • Go to (paper application available by calling 800-433-3243).
  • Click on Start Here and then have the student Login.
  • Click on Start 2023-24 FAFSA.
  • Follow the instructions to enter your information. Help text is provided throughout the application to assist you in entering information correctly. We recommend that parents and students use the IRS data-retrieval process within the FAFSA application if eligible. Be sure to list Muskingum in the school section (school code: 003084).

Sign your application using your FSA ID (student and one parent), or print a signature page, sign it and mail it to the Federal Processor. If you are unable to complete the FAFSA in one sitting you may save and return to the application later.

You will receive an electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) if you filed on-line or filed a paper application and provided an e-mail address. You will receive a SAR by mail if you filed a paper FAFSA and did not provide an e-mail address. You should review the information on the SAR for accuracy. You may make corrections on-line, or contact Student Financial Services with any corrections.

If Muskingum University is listed on the SAR, then we will receive your FAFSA at the same time you receive your SAR. If you have been accepted to Muskingum University, your FAFSA will be reviewed for correctness and completeness, and follow-up requesting additional information may be necessary.

If there will be an income reduction, marital status change or other special financial circumstances, please contact our office to request a Special Conditions Form.

When you have been accepted for Admission to Muskingum and all of your financial aid information is complete, a Financial Aid Award Offer will be available to view online. New students will login to their Admission Status Page and continuing students will login to Muskie Link. We begin sending financial aid Award Notices to new students beginning in early December and continuing students in April. Your award notice will include a listing of financial aid for which you are eligible, along with total costs for the 2023-24 year. We request that students accept or decline the aid offer by May 1st or within two weeks of the award if after May 1.

Financial Aid for May Term & More

Financial aid for May Term & More is much different than financial aid for fall and spring semesters. Students should Register for May Term and complete a May Term & More Financial Aid Application. The application is available in Student Financial Services beginning in March. Students will receive notification of their financial aid eligibility by e-mail.

  • To be eligible a student must:
  • be enrolled for at least 6 hours as a degree seeking student
  • have filed the FAFSA

Eligible students may receive:

  • Federal Direct Loan
  • Grants 
  • Private Loans are available (upon credit-approval) to students who need additional loan funds to cover their costs
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