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Using the Scanning feature on the Copiers

There are a variety of copiers throughout campus. These instructions will work with the majority of our copiers. For the ones which are different from the illustration to the right below, contact either the person who takes care of the copier or the Copy Center for help in using it.

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The Scanner button is circled in red above on the first image (some of the newer machines have an icon on the touchscreen instead). This will take you to the scan screen (second image). Once there, to scan and send though email, make sure the email tab is selected (2) then press “To” (on the right about a third of the way down the screen). If the email address you want to send the scan to has been programmed into the copier, it will be one of the buttons on the bottom half of the screen. On some of the copiers there may be very few choices available at first, these copiers just have so many users that it worked better to keep the frequently used buttons restricted. For the rest of the programmed buttons, choose the first letter of the last name for the address on the line in the middle of the screen to select other programmed buttons (last name beginning with R would be found by pressing the “RST” button). If the address is not already programmed you would choose “manual entry” (4) which will bring up a screen which looks like a keyboard. Enter the email address you wish to scan to there.

Some copiers will have a default programmed for sender, others will require you enter a sender name. This will be your name and will need to be programmed before you use the scanning feature. To enter the sender name choose “sender name” which is on the bottom of the screen second from the right. This will bring up a bunch of buttons like those for the “To” screen. Pick the button for your name in the same way described above.

In the upper left corner of the screen, it will describe the settings which are the default for the copier you are using. If these are acceptable, load what you want scanned and press the copier main “Start” button (16 in the picture on the right above). If you wish to change the default settings, press “scan settings” right below the portion of the screen showing the default settings. Other defaults include that the originals are one sided and the type of file (pdf, tiff). These are modified on the buttons lower down on the left side of the screen.

There are restrictions as to the size of the file which can be sent through the campus email system. Larger files will either be broken up or blocked depending on the default settings for the copier you are using. If you will need to deal with large files (this is especially true if you are trying to scan high resolution color pages), you may choose to set up the ability to scan to a shared folder on your computer’s hard drive. Contact the copy center for help with this.

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