Mail & Copy Center

Mail Services

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Student Mail Pickup
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 9:00 a.m., 12:00 - 5:00 p.m.
(closed from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to allow for sorting and delivery to student mailboxes)

New University Mailing Addresses

The University has a new address for inbound student mail. Mail sent to students residing at the University should be addressed as follows:

{Student's Name}
260 Stadium Drive
New Concord, OH 43762-1837

The address for University business remains the same as before.

Incoming/Campus Mail

  • Mail is delivered to departments daily around 9:30 a.m. Delivery times to individual departments may vary depending upon the volume of mail received.
  • Student mail is placed in the student mail boxes from 9:00 to 12:00. To help ensure that mail is properly sorted, the student mail center window is closed during this time.
  • Students must have their University ID to pick up their mail. 

There is a slot available to deposit mail, inter-campus mail, or printing requests when the windows are closed. This box is checked quite frequently during the day and processed.

Package delivery and tracking

The Mail Center makes all efforts to ensure that mail is delivered to its intended recipient. We do track and require signatures for packages that are sent with some sort of delivery confirmation. Other packages, such as those sent via US Postal Service’s Parcel Post of Media Mail, are sent at the risk of the sender and recipient. Many retailers and sellers on services such as eBay® will by default use delivery methods that do not verify delivery. Also we often see important packages such as prescription medicine sent to students from parents via this method. The Mail Center does not track and is not responsible for any lost packages sent via a carrier or service that does not use a delivery confirmation. Students should consider this when requesting items be sent to them at the University. 

It is important that packages sent to students be properly addressed. To ensure timely delivery of a package, it should be addressed in several places on the package. Our procedures for identifying package recipients are located here.

Bulk Delivery to Student Mailboxes

Thinking about doing a mail center box stuffer? Read on for important information.

There are several things you must do for us to be able to do your box stuffing:

  1. Get it to the mail center at least two days before the information is needed by the students.
  2. The paper can be no smaller than 3” by 5.” Half sheets are better.
  3. If the item to be stuffed is for a selected group, write their names on the copies and put them in alphabetical order.

The Mail Center will not accept or allow the following types of material for insertion in the mail boxes:

  1. Chain Letters
  2. Invitations to student parties, unless approved by Student Life
  3. Information from student clubs or organizations unless approved by Student Life

The Mail Center will put your stuffer in the boxes on the next day depending on when it reaches us and the level of activity. It is better to plan ahead.

Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail (BRM) service enables mailers to receive first class mail by paying postage only on the mail which is returned. All business reply postage and handling charges are billed back to the departments. When your department decides to use a business reply envelope or card, please contact the Mail Center at ext. 8124. We can help you decide the cost effectiveness and other options available. Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) is one such option in which the recipient pays the postage yet the return information is preprinted on the envelope/card providing a speedier return to you. USPS permit fees are required for BRM mail, there is no permit fee for CRM mailings.

Zip + 4 Location Codes

You can access the U.S. Postal Service to obtain a zip code

The use of Zip + 4 information helps ensure timely and accurate mail processing and delivery. We encourage departments to place their Zip + 4 number on all departmental stationary, envelopes, business cards, and to remember to include them in your outgoing mail lists.

Muskingum University Zip + 4 for University business is 43762-1199

When using Business Reply Mail (BRM) 
Envelopes weighing under 1 oz. have a Zip + 4 of 43762-9901
Envelopes weighing over 1 oz. have a Zip + 4 of 43762-9902
Postcards (minimum size 3.5” by 5” and maximum size 4’ by 6”) have a Zip + 4 of 43762-9989

Preparation of Outgoing Mail

Envelopes - Addressing and General Information

The following information is recommended by the U.S. Postal Service to minimize the time required to process your

  • Type or print all address information. Make sure print is clear and sharp. Ensure address characters do not touch or overlap. Black ink on a white background is best. Use at least a 9 point character.
  • Maintain a uniform left margin. Use uppercase letters. Omit all punctuation. While recommended this is not mandatory except for BRM.
  • Include floor, suite, and apartment numbers whenever possible. Put the city, state, and zip code and/or zip + 4 code in that order on the last line.
  • If there is enough room, you can place the zip code and/or zip + 4 code alone on the bottom line. Use standard two-letter state abbreviations.
  • When using window envelopes, make sure the complete address is always visible – even when the insert moves. Leave one or two spaces between the words and between the state abbreviation and zip code / zip + 4 code.

When the Post Office automated sorting equipment sorts your mail, it reads from the bottom up. It reads the zip code, state, city, street address or post office box, and company name/addressee. Be sure to list your return address on the envelope. This information should be completely filled out using the block style form. Example:

Mail Copy Center
Muskingum University
260 Stadium Drive
New Concord, OH 43762-1837

The top line should be the attention line or the name of the person. The second line is the name of the department. The third line is the name of the company or recipient. The fourth line should contain the street address or post office box/rural route number followed by the suite, apartment, unit, office/dwelling number. Finally, on the last line place city, state, and zip code or zip + 4 code. If you have international mail, place the country name on the last line of the address in CAPITAL letters in English.

When using the Mail Center for USPS pick-up, white/off white standard sized #10 envelopes should be used when possible. The white background with black ink shows up best when processed by the Post Office equipment. Envelopes should be aligned with address side out and the flaps down for sealing. Overstuffed envelopes should always be sealed prior to mailing by departments to prevent them from being damaged during processing by the postage meter machine. Flats, defined as envelopes 6” by 9” and larger, must be sealed by departments prior to mail pick-up. The upper right corner of the envelope and parcels is reserved for stamp or meter postage.

Meter Mail / Pick-up Times / Outgoing U.S. Mail

Meter Mail (Muskingum University Business Mail). This is defined as University business mail requiring postage. Mail is processed in the order in which it is received. The Mail Center should be notified in advance of any large mailings. Arrangements can be made for partial pick-up. These do not have to be completed before sending to the Mail Center.

Walter Hall, Paul Hall, Physical Plant, Student Health Center, and Aramark have one afternoon pick-up and delivery. Except for Montgomery, all other buildings have one pick-up/delivery in the morning and one in the afternoon. Mail is required to leave campus for the New Concord Post Office no later than 4:15 pm.

All Muskingum University pick-up mail will be processed as first class mail. International mail will be processed as air mail.

Information on USPS services can be obtained at their web site. A useful tool to calculate your mail before it is processed is at: postage/


UPS services are available in the Mail Center. UPS is the preferred provider for overnight, 2nd day air, and package delivery. It is recommended for all packages that you provide a telephone number as well as a street address (remember UPS cannot deliver to PO boxes). All packages of a personal nature are to be brought over to the Mail Center and paid for at the time of shipping. Please do NOT ask our delivery personnel to handle your personal packages.

UPS drops off next day air packages by 10:30 am. If there are no next day air packages, the drop off will be by noon. Time of pick-up is approximately 4:15 pm. For tracking and shipping information contact the Mail Center (ext. 8124) or visit the UPS web site.


Federal Express / FedEx delivers Priority Next Day by 10:30 am and Standard Next Day by 3:00 pm. Time of pick-up for Fedex Express is 4:00 pm, for FedEx Ground is in the morning (remember FedEx cannot deliver to PO Boxes). For tracking and shipping information contact the Mail Center (ext. 8124) or visit the FedEx web site.

There is a FedEx drop-off box located behind the Mail Center for your convenience.

Standard Mail (formerly known as bulk mail)

Departments and organizations may receive significant savings with large mailings should they meet the following specifications for third class/standard/non-profit mailings:

  • The content of each piece of mail must be identical except for the recipient’s name and address.
  • All standard mail must be domestic.
  • Each piece must weigh less than 16 ounces.
  • Each piece must have the Bulk Permit printed or stamped on it.
  • Each piece must have a zip code listed.
  • Each mailing must be presented and bundled properly prior to being delivered to the Post Office – the finer the sort, the greater the discount.
  • Each mailing must have a minimum of 200 pieces and weigh at least 50 lbs.
  • Standard mail may not consist of the following items: personal letters, checks, bills or statements of account, or special service type mail.

The Mail Center will CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certify and process your mailing lists for you. There are a few procedures that must be followed when requesting this service:

  1. You must provide the Mail Center with a sample of the mailing.
  2. You must submit your address list on flash drive or electronically submit your list to \\mailrcv\inbox (for help or instructions contact the Mail Center at ext. 8124). These lists must be in a precise format: i.e., name, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip. You may also have any other criteria, but it must all be uniform. For example, if you list phone numbers or birth dates and one record does not have a phone number, then you must leave a blank in that spot.
  3. All self mailers must be tabbed on the top. Staples or taping of your mail piece is not permitted by the U.S. Postal Service. Tabbing is also available in the Mail Center.

It is recommended that you contact the Mail Center before the planning stages of your mailing. There are many rules that must be adhered to and there are many services and helpful hints that we 
can provide.

Change of Address

If you are leaving Muskingum University for the summer or permanently and not planning on returning, we request that you fill out a change of address form. During the summer months all mail for students is forwarded to their home address. If you are staying on campus or going to a different address than the one on record, you MUST make arrangements with the Mail Center prior to leaving for the summer. Mail is not forwarded over the winter or spring breaks.

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