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Printing Services

The Copy Center is open every weekday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Requests may be submitted during this time at the door to the Copy Center. Originals should be camera ready and on white paper. Your submission may not be fulfilled earlier than 48 hours. If you submit a request on Saturday or Sunday, your request may not be fulfilled earlier than Tuesday. If time is an issue please ask for an estimated time of completion. Completed copies will be delivered with the next mail delivery or arrangements may be made to have it picked up. Please be very specific when filling out the Printing Request Form. All copies will be run back to back unless otherwise marked on the form. Colored paper must be approved by the department heads.

Electronic Submission

Submitting off the Muskingum University Web Page

Use the Online Print Request Form. This form mimics in many ways the paper based form currently used. After completion, this form is sent via email directly to the Copy Center. This has been modified slightly to facilitate its use for electronic submissions. The modifications are:

  1. Filename as saved in the “inbox.” This is discussed below.
  2. Type of file format. Because the file must be reopened and printed, the application must be loaded on the Copy Center computer. We cannot support an infinite number of formats, but have made an effort to offer a variety of the most commonly used applications including Microsoft Office, Word Perfect Office, Microsoft Publisher, and various graphic formats.
  3. Many of the options are answered through the use of pull-down menus.
  4. Any special instructions, such as unsupported file formats or fonts (discussed below) or page ranges to print, should be listed in the “Other Instructions” box. Please be as specific as possible.
  5. There is a check box to request a proof for the job prior to completion. There are some pitfalls to printing from a different machine than that used for the creation of the document. The Copy Center will attempt to scan the document for obvious misalignment, etc., but cannot be expected to catch everything. It may be useful to use the proof option more until we’ve all worked through this process and gained some experience on how the final product comes out. The more common pitfalls are:
    1. Spacing vs. Tabs. Using spaces to line up items instead of tabs and indents can cause the items to line up differently when opened on a different machine. Use of fixed length fonts such as Courier can help prevent this problem as well.
    2. Font selection. The Copy Center will have the standard fonts that come with the applications listed above. Use of non-standard fonts will be by special request only.
    3. Typographical errors and spell checking. This is not specific to electronic submission and should go without saying, but the Copy Center will not proofread for these types of errors.

Saving the file

To access the Copy Center Inbox, please do the following:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Click Run
  3. Type- \\mailrcv\inbox
  4. Click OK
  5. You will be prompted for a username and password, of for only a password. The username is Guest and the password is muskies
  6. Click OK
  7. When the Inbox window opens, drag and drop your file into the folder.
  8. On the Online Print Request Form, please indicate the filename.

Passwords/Confidentiality – If there is a concern with the confidentiality of a file, it can be saved with a password to restrict access. The password must be included in the “Other Instructions” on the form (please note that passwords in many applications are case sensitive). Faculty may not feel comfortable using electronic submission for tests. We are not encouraging or discouraging this method of delivery for confidential documents. A phone call should be placed to Danielle prior to submission if you are concerned that it not be seen by a student worker.

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