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Tracking Packages to Their Owners

The University will attempt to deliver mail where the recipient is not easily identified. To help us, please request parents & friends to clearly put your full name on packages in several places.

Reasons for undeliverable packages include:

  • Addressed to nick names instead of real names
  • Addressed to first name only with no last name
  • Addressed to parent’s name
  • Addresses on duplicated (carbon) forms do not show through on the last (delivery) copy – such as FedEx, DHL
  • Addressed only to Muskingum University

We do several different steps to try and identify the owner:

  1. Look at the return address
  2. When addressed to first name only, type in first names on online directory (if the name is legible)
  3. Call phone number on the package
  4. Call return phone numbers
  5. Call sender
  6. Look for packing lists (if on the outside of the package – we will not open packages*)
  7. Track the packages on the internet to see if we can get any information
  8. Call shipper (FedEx, UPS, DHL) This is one of the last resources because they do not want to give out the information.
  9. Return package to sender

We do everything we can to try and find the owner of the package. The time involved increases once we get past step #2. All package must been shipped back the same day or we have to pay the shipping. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that we can complete all necessary steps. For packages where we have been unable to determine the recipient, we will return them at the end of the day, regardless of how far we are in the steps.

*This applies to unaddressed mail sent to 199 Stormont St. Unaddressed mail sent to the College business address (163 Stormont St) will be opened to determine the department to which it should be directed.

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