Art Student Opportunities

Recent internships for Art students include:

  • Tate Gallery (London)
  • Smithsonian Art Institute (Washington D.C.)
  • National Gallery (Washington D.C.)
  • Modern Art Gallery (New York)
  • Philadelphia Art Museum (Philadelphia, PA)
  • History Museum of University of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Columbus Art Museum (Columbus, OH)
  • Zanesville Art Center (Zanesville, OH)


Kappa Pi, the Student Art Honorary, has organized trips to the Cleveland Art Museum for a special art exhibition: “The Gilded Age – Treasure of Smithsonian American Art Museum” and Akron Art museum for a special art exhibition: “Rodin and His Sculpture.” There have been several other trips as well, to Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Contemporary Art Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum, Zanesville Art Center, Carnegie Museums (PA).

Involvement in Kappa Pi is encouraged of all qualified art students, and sponsored activities are especially helpful for students interested in pursuing a career in art. Admission to the art honorary requires students to have completed 12 hours of coursework in art and to have at least a 3.0 overall.

After Graduation

Career Possibilities for Art Majors:
A degree in art from a liberal arts school such as Muskingum can lead to a variety of career possibilities. After graduation, some students have pursued graduate degrees while others have found success in careers such as:

  • teaching
  • graphic design
  • business and advertising
  • museum work
  • photography
  • art therapy
  • independent studio business
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