The art program at Muskingum University offers a personalized approach to learning, with customizable pathways through the degree, small class sizes, and close mentorship with practicing professionals. We prepare you to work in the field, no matter your interests and intended careers! We work hard to foster individual artistic development while grounding students in practical, professional skills. Through a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern digital practices, we prepare our students for the evolving landscape of the art world.

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  • Nurtures not only critical and creative problem-solving skills but also a strong foundation in digital literacy, ensuring students are well-prepared for the evolving demands of various industries.
  • Faculty are active professionals in their fields, offering invaluable practical experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities.
  • Curriculum designed for flexibility, allowing for personalized learning paths that include real-world projects and ensure students are not only proficient in their craft but also equipped with the entrepreneurial skills necessary for a successful career in the arts.
  • The more traditional foundation prepares students for careers in museums and galleries. The focus on digital media and technology prepares students for careers in marketing, entertainment, and UI/UX design. The program in art education prepares students to teach in Pre-K through grade 12.


The art program at Muskingum University prepares students for a broad range of careers by fostering critical and creative thinking, digital literacy, and emotional intelligence. These foundational skills enable graduates to excel in fields like education, art therapy, graphic design, marketing, business, museum and gallery curation, photography, independent studio businesses, and more. Alumni often pursue advanced degrees from top art and design colleges. This holistic approach ensures our students are not only technically proficient, but also adaptable, innovative, and empathetic professionals in the dynamic landscape of the arts.

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