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Student Insurance

Beginning in 2013, changes to health insurance from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) made the cost of the optional insurance program previously offered to full-time undergraduates prohibitively expensive, so the University has ceased this program.

International Students

The University offers an insurance plan to its international students, which complies with INS requirements. All international students are required to purchase the insurance. The insurance is offered through GeoBlue and is only available to non-U.S. citizens. The booklet detailing this coverage is available at this link.

Other options

Many students will be able to obtain (or maintain) coverage on their parents insurance through the age of 26. Other students who wish to purchase health insurance will have to do so independently. Information is available from many insurance agents or the exchanges. You can also contact Leonard Insurances Student Division at 800-451-1904. Certain independent students and families with lower income may qualify for Ohio Medicaid. This coverage is available for free to those who meet the income criteria. Information is available through the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.

Student Health Center Services

The University maintains a Student Health Center for the service of our full-time traditional undergraduates. Information about the services available is on their web page. Many services provided at the Student Health Center are funded by the University for all full-time traditional undergraduates (excluding MAP). The University provides this limited benefit in order for the student to seek non-urgent medical care at the Student Health Center.

Tuition Insurance

As a Muskingum University student or family member, you may want to consider Tuition Refund Insurance. This elective coverage offers up to 100% tuition refund, up to the policy limits, when a student can’t complete classes for the semester due to a covered medical reason. To enroll or for more information go to GradGuard or call our Tuition Refund Insurance provider at (877) 556-3984.

Renters Insurance

It isn't health related, but while thinking about insurance, it's important to consider insuring the stuff students bring to campus. On college campuses (or off) – where laptops and other valuables are often left unattended in libraries, classrooms, dorm rooms, and study areas – theft can be a real concern. If your laptop or other valuables are stolen or damaged, YOU are responsible for replacing them, not the school.


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