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(740) 826-8113 - Kevin Brown, Assistant VP for Finance and Controller  
(740) 826-8117 - Melinda Smith, Accounts Payable Coordinator 


Purchasing Card

The University uses a purchasing card credit card program for the purchase of goods and services, which is the preferred method for purchasing. All purchases of goods and services must be made using either a purchasing card or with a purchase order approved by the Business Office at the time of the order. You can view your purchasing card activity online using PNC Active Pay. Travel and entertainment expenses paid for with the purchasing card must follow the University Policy.

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Other Purchases & Checks

Checks are processed (other than payroll) on every Friday, excepting University recognized holidays. In the event of a university-recognized holiday, check processing will be delayed until the following week. Checks are available for pick up after 2:00 pm each Friday. Payments to most vendors will be issued 30 days after the receipt of the properly approved invoice in the Business Office. Payments to vendors that do not comply with the University's policy on purchase orders (above) will be paid 30 to 60 days after the receipt of the properly approved invoice.

The business office will make every attempt to include other check requests (such as employee travel reimbursements) received by noon on Wednesday in that weeks check run. To ensure that your check request is processed in that weeks check run; it needs to be delivered to the business office by 4:00 pm on Monday.

Payments for services (not reimbursements) to individuals not in the University employ must be accompanied by a W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID. This is a substitute form used by the University to collect information required by Ohio's New Hire reporting. Payment requests for these individuals must be accompanied by the University form to be processed.

Employee Expenses (T&E)

University policy on travel and entertainment expense has been developed within the constraints and guidelines set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

It is expected that all faculty, staff and students will exercise adequate care in incurring travel expenses. Only actual expenses incurred will be reimbursed. It is the responsibility of each individual incurring such expenses as well as the individual approving such expenses to comply with the University’s policies and procedures. All reimbursements must have the approval of the immediate supervisor or appropriate VP.

IRS regulations require that employers have an “Accountable Plan” for the reimbursement or payment of business expense for employees. An “Accountable Plan” must include requirements for proper substantiation, a bona fide business connection and a timely return of amounts in excess of expenses. Payments not meeting these requirements would be considered taxable wages to the individual receiving the funds. The University would be required to treat these funds as subject to income tax withholding and pay FICA, Medicare and other applicable taxes on these amounts. Consequently, the University will only reimburse individuals for expenses that meet the requirements of an “Accountable Plan.”

This is applicable to all University representatives regardless of the source of funds supporting such travel. It extends to all University representatives seeking reimbursement for meals, alcohol, and entertainment, even if travel is not involved. Purchases with the University purchasing card (p-card) are also subject to these rules.

The Expense Reimbursement form is to be used by employees to account for expenses while traveling on University business and to professional meetings. The guidelines are not intended to impose an undue burden or limitation on the individual, but are intended to maintain adherence to IRS regulations, University independent auditors and the Board of Trustees.

Please examine the Business Office's FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions. Please check out our Online forms page for a list of available forms.


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