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Nursing Grad Receives Praise
Rachel Kashuba

It’s fair to say that we brag a lot about our graduates…after all, there’s a lot to brag about. But we love it even more when employers do some of the bragging for us. 2019 nursing graduate Rachel Kashuba, BSN, RN, recently started her career at the renowned, and globally-recognized, Cleveland Clinic. During Rachel’s first week on the job, she received the following feedback, which we’re happy to share. Below is a portion of an email from Rachel to Michele Miller, associate professor of nursing at Muskingum University:

“I have moved to Cleveland and I’m in my first week at Cleveland Clinic where we had a day full of learning the policies and practicing different skills – central line dressing changes, inserting foley’s and IV’s, and proper use of restraints. For two hours we were in a sim lab and we had to assess our sim man and decide if we should call a rapid response or a code, and then proceed as necessary with care or code the patient. The educator that was assigned to my group and went to all the stations with us pulled me aside at the end of the day and asked me where I went to school. She told me she was so impressed with me and how prepared I am and with how I wasn’t afraid to be the leader. She also said she can tell by watching me that I had a great education. She then suggested I take a serious look into being part of a code team one day. I told her I learned everything from my amazing professors and clinical instructors at Muskingum and that I owe it all to them! I just wanted to share with you and you can pass this along to the rest of the faculty, it was the best compliment I have ever received. I’m so grateful we practiced codes in critical care because I was one of the few that had ever even practiced one. I feel like I can’t thank all of you enough for the knowledge and confidence you instilled within me.”

Muskingum University’s acclaimed nursing program is one of the best in the state of Ohio, focusing on interactive learning in the classroom, coupled with hands-on learning in the lab (along with clinical experience) to provide the skills needed for professional success. And this awesome email from Rachel certainly highlights our dedication to “educating the whole person for the whole world” at Muskingum.  
Way to go Rachel! Way to go Muskie Nursing Program!

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